Otorhinolaryngologist Rizaev warned about the risk of hearing loss after COVID-19

Scientists do not yet have accurate data on how often people who have had COVID-19 experience hearing loss, but such cases have already been described in the literature. The complication appears as a result of the virus entering the nervous tissue and the auditory receptors of the organ of Corti, reports Gazeta.Ru. .

Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr suspends tour due to illness

Information about the cancellation of the concert was confirmed by representatives of the sports complex Canada Life Center. Ringo Starr was scheduled to perform on stage on October 4th. But due to illness, the event will not take place. Whether fans will see the musician later is not reported. .

Rospotrebnadzor: Coronavirus infections are declining for the second week in a row

wikimedia.org/public domain The incidence of coronavirus and other respiratory viral infections has been falling quite rapidly in Russia for the second week in a row. This information was shared with TASS by the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. “Every year on September 1, teams gather – industrial, school, student, and every year this causes a … Read more

33,186 new cases of coronavirus detected in Russia

The number of hospitalizations per day amounted to 2,644 people and decreased by 2.9% compared to the previous day. An increase in the number of hospitalizations was noted in 35 subjects of the Russian Federation, a decrease in the number of hospitalizations occurred in 41 regions of the country. According to the operational headquarters, the … Read more

Thailand lifts all COVID entry restrictions for foreign tourists

Under the new rules, tourists no longer need to carry a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or coronavirus test results. In addition, foreigners arriving in Thailand with symptoms of SARS will not be placed in isolation. It is emphasized that the country’s authorities continue to recommend that tourists wear masks and maintain social distance for prevention purposes. … Read more

A decrease in the incidence of coronavirus was noted in the Pskov region

Federal news agency The Pskov Regional Clinical Hospital has reduced the staff of medical workers. This is due to the decrease in the incidence of coronavirus in the region. This information was reported to the correspondent of the “Pskov news feed” in the press service of the Health Committee of the Pskov region. Also, due … Read more

Tyumen doctors learned to identify the hidden consequences of coronavirus

The standard is not suitable for everyone, the researchers are convinced. Each case requires an individual approach. The technique developed in Tyumen makes it possible to identify hidden complications for the vascular system after COVID-19 and personalize rehabilitation therapy. .

Psychologists from Michigan figured out how the pandemic has changed people’s personalities

unsplash.com Psychologists from the University of Michigan have figured out how the coronavirus pandemic has changed people’s personalities. Foreign researchers studied the data of 7 thousand people aged 18 to 109 years. Participants of the experiment took special online tests in 2020, 2021 and 2022. It turned out that after the pandemic, people became more … Read more

38,739 new cases of coronavirus detected in Russia

The number of hospitalizations per day was 3,154 people. 4.4% less than the day before. An increase in the number of hospitalizations was noted in 32 subjects, a decrease in 46 regions of the country. As follows from the data of the headquarters, the situation has not changed in seven subjects. During the day, 57,937 … Read more