The Ministry of Emergency Situations spoke about the shelling of convoys with humanitarian aid

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In Kherson, a point of Ukrainian saboteurs was found to fire on humanitarian convoys

Russian units discovered in Kherson a firing point of Ukrainian saboteurs, from where humanitarian convoys and military equipment of the Russian Armed Forces were shelled. This was reported on Monday, July 18, in law enforcement agencies. “The position of the firing point was chosen in such a way that a checkpoint and a section of … Read more

Russian pilot shared his tricks when escorting humanitarian convoys to Ukraine

Helicopters must maintain a certain altitude, he said. This helps not to get on the radar of the enemy, but to fix Ukrainian saboteurs and mortars. To fly to your destination without loss, you also need to know some tricks, Izvestia reports. .

Footage of humanitarian convoys being escorted by Russian helicopters appeared BY-SA 3.0 Russian combat helicopters are involved in escorting humanitarian convoys during a special operation in Ukraine. The footage of their work was provided by Izvestia. Pilots, driving combat vehicles, ensure the safe transportation of medicines, essentials and food to civilians. Any enemy that can interfere with a humanitarian mission is destroyed. Helicopters fly … Read more

The Ministry of Defense announced the delay of humanitarian aid convoys for residents of Mariupol due to the ICRC

Thus, on April 1, a humanitarian aid convoy consisting of ten buses, accompanied by representatives of the ICRC, left for Mariupol seriously behind schedule. At the same time, during the movement, the committee employees repeatedly made unintentional stops, broke away from the group, and also left in an unknown direction. As a result, the convoy … Read more

Russian pilots ensure the safety of the movement of convoys with food and ammunition

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has published footage showing how the crews of army aviation helicopters perform their tasks during a special military operation in Ukraine. Pilots provide fire support to ground columns in the Chernihiv region. Logistics columns of the Russian Armed Forces are marching to the forward positions of the … Read more