Mezentsev announced Makei’s huge contribution “to the practice of union building”

Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei made a huge contribution to strengthening cooperation in the Union State (SU) and resolved the most difficult issues on the international agenda. This was announced on Saturday, November 26, by State Secretary of the SG Dmitry Mezentsev. “Weigh and significant is his contribution to the practice of union building, his … Read more

“Voenmekh” has made a huge contribution to strengthening the defense capability of Russia

According to him, it was thanks to the efforts of Voenmekh that Russia’s nuclear shield was forged. At the same time, missiles developed at the university are currently smashing “NATO ukrofascists.” During a conversation with students, Vostretsov also said that they need to look up to outstanding graduates, but young people should not be afraid … Read more

Evgeni Plushenko praised Rodnina’s contribution to the development of figure skating

State Duma deputy Rodnina, answering the question of who is more legendary – Plushenko or Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin, proudly announced her name. The skater confirmed the words of a colleague about her greatness in the above-mentioned sport. .

The President of Russia thanked his Turkish counterpart for his contribution to the “product deal”

Russian operators have received a signal that they can export products through Turkey, Putin said. He also expressed the hope that Ukrainian grain will still go to the poorest countries. At the moment, this cannot be achieved, the President of the Russian Federation added. .

Putin thanked Erdogan for his contribution to the grain deal

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Prydybaylo on the US contribution to countering the Russian Federation in the air over Ukraine

Formerly U.S. General, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force Clinton Hinotspeaking via video link at a conference of the Atlantic Council, said that the support of the United States for Kyiv ensured the fight against Russian air supremacy in Ukraine. .

Residents of the Central African Republic thanked Russia for its contribution to the integrated development of the republic

globallookpress/Thierry Messongo/ Bangui, 4 September. Residents of the Central African Republic thanked Russia for fruitful cooperation in the economic and military spheres. The correspondent of Russia Today spoke about this in a special report. The Commonwealth of Officers for International Security (COS) posted the RT video on the official Telegram channel. “The future looks promising … Read more