Vladimir Putin simplified the process of obtaining Russian citizenship for contract foreigners

It will now be easier for foreigners who have entered the military service in the Russian Armed Forces to obtain Russian citizenship. The corresponding decree was signed by President Vladimir Putin. .

The creator of the site of contract killings and members of the organized criminal group will answer before the court in Vladimir

According to the investigation, in 2020, one of the defendants on the darknet created a website with advertisements for contract killings. Soon, the criminals received three proposals, for which they began to prepare. Members of the organized criminal group bought firearms and ammunition, and also collected all the information about the victims. .

Mobilized Petersburgers can be paid the same as the military under the contract

St. Petersburg public and political figure, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Mikhail Amosov in conversation with a correspondent FAN said that, most likely, to pay money to those who fell under partial mobilization will be the same as to contracted servicemen. .

The head of a construction company from Moscow confessed to stealing 100 million rubles on a military contract in Irkutsk

It was established that in April 2019 and October 2020, the figurant’s company entered into an agreement for the repair of a house in the military unit of Irkutsk and the construction of military camp facilities in Ulyanovsk. The firm received 400 million rubles as an advance. According to the IC, the head of the … Read more

Refusal of Finland from gas can provide Russia with a double profit

At the same time, the “take or pay” model used in the agreement obliges Helsinki to import a certain amount of domestic LNG. Otherwise, you will still have to pay for Russian gas, while the fuel destined for Finland will be delivered to another state. Moscow, in turn, will receive a double profit. .