China will continue to develop trade cooperation with Russia

Russia and China will continue to take measures for normal trade and economic cooperation, and by the end of the year, bilateral trade can expect a record. This was announced on September 30 by Chinese Ambassador to the Russian Federation Zhang Hanhui. “This year, in the face of a difficult international situation, the coronavirus pandemic … Read more

Politico: EU to ban imports of steel products from Russia, but will continue to buy diamonds

With the adoption by the European Union (EU) of the eighth package of anti-Russian sanctions, among other things, the import of certain types of steel products, precious stones and metals will be restricted. On September 28, the newspaper Politico distributed the relevant information. However, the ban did not apply to diamonds. It is assumed that … Read more

Hungary will continue to issue Schengen visas to Russians Hungary will continue to issue Schengen visas to Russians. This was announced by the country’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. Budapest also does not agree to the imposition of EU sanctions against Russia in the nuclear and energy sectors. He made such a statement against the backdrop of a new package of anti-Russian sanctions being … Read more

Breitbart readers ridiculed Macron’s call to continue ‘putting pressure on Russia’

Macron criticized Russia’s actions and called on countries to “put pressure” on President Vladimir Putin. The words of the leader of France caused a response on the web. Some readers noted that Macron is “dead to want attention.” .

Russia and the Central African Republic continue to strengthen relations in the religious sphere within the framework of the Patriarchal Exarchate of Africa

TASS | Petr Kovalev St. Petersburg, 21 September. Russia and the Central African Republic are strengthening ties in the religious sphere as part of the formation of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) in an African country. This was reported by the Telegram channel “Missionary Review”. On the day of the feast of the Nativity of … Read more

Die Welt: German gas companies continue to cash in on ordinary residents of the country

Gas suppliers in Germany do not agree to connect the citizens of Germany to the so-called basic tariffs, seeking to maintain the receipt of excess profits from blue fuel, which has become scarce in the country. As customers of large gas supply operators told the German edition of Die Welt, the continuing rise in energy … Read more