Residents of Niger demanded the government to expel the French contingent of the operation “Dune”

The contingent of the former metropolis operates in the region as part of Operation Barkhan. The Elysee Palace fought the militants in Mali for a long time, but did not achieve significant results. In this regard, the authorities in Bamako withdrew from defense agreements with the former mother country.

The complete withdrawal of the French contingent of Operation Barkhane will bring long-awaited peace to Mali

One of the main reasons for the failure of the operation “Dune” the author of the article calls the inability of the French defense industry, among other things, to provide the army with equipment in the quantities necessary for operations abroad.

Residents of Niger demanded the expulsion of the French contingent of the operation “Dune” from the country

Residents of the republic initially opposed the imposed initiative. They recalled the tragedy when, in November 2021, Barkhan soldiers opened fire on demonstrators in the western Niger city of Tere. Three of them died. The investigation could not establish who exactly fired, but local residents are sure that they were French.

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