Germany plans to cut gas consumption in winter by 20%

Germany must cut winter gas consumption by 20% as it has not yet completely replaced fuel supplies from Russia. This was stated on September 30 by the head of the federal network agency of Germany, Klaus Müller, in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper. “It doesn’t matter if the winter is warm or … Read more

The EC will allow countries to determine the amount of reduction in energy consumption

The corresponding plan is being developed by the European Commission. According to the newspaper, countries will be able to independently determine the amount of reduction in energy consumption, provided that during peak hours the savings are not less than 7%. .

Belgians cut energy consumption for home heating More than half of Belgians fear they won’t be able to pay their energy bills. This conclusion follows from a survey conducted by LeSoir, RTL TV channel and Ipsos. Eight out of ten respondents said they had reduced their consumption of electricity, gas and fuel for home heating. About 40% of Belgians shared that … Read more

Expert Kuskov: Rapid battery consumption of a smartphone may indicate wiretapping

With the advent of mobile phones, tracking people has become easier. However, eavesdropping on any device, unless authorized by a court order, is illegal and carries consequences, writes Prime. To identify electronic surveillance, it is enough to pay attention to the following signs: fast battery consumption, arbitrary activation of a microphone or video camera, self-starting … Read more

EC proposes to reduce energy consumption by 10%

As he put it, the results of the confrontation between Russia and Europe will be visible by February. If the winter is warm, then the Europeans will have a chance, with difficulty, but to get through the crisis. If – cold, then this chance is not. Super-hot summers are usually followed by harsh winters. Therefore, … Read more

political scientist Formanchuk on EU plans to reduce energy consumption by 10%

In addition, the EC plans to temporarily limit the income of those companies in the oil, gas and coal industries of the EU that produce energy at lower costs, but due to the increase in the total price for light, receive excess profits. Thus, the EU hopes to bring down the cost for end users … Read more

Head of the Ministry of Health Murashko: alcohol consumption in Russia has decreased by 43 percent over 13 years

The minister noted that the decrease in the consumption of alcoholic beverages also affected the health of the nation: the morbidity and mortality rates associated with alcohol consumption have decreased. At the same time, alcohol still makes the largest contribution to the mortality of people of working age. And this is not only death from … Read more