The EC proposed to collect windfall profits from oil and gas companies and redirect to consumers

© / Alexey VitvitskyFlags with the symbols of the European Union at the building of the European Commission in Brussels BRUSSELS, 14 Sep – The European Commission (EC) invites EU countries to collect the profits of oil and gas companies, which exceeded the growth of 20% in 2022 compared to the previous three years, the … Read more

Rise in gas prices will hit European and American consumers

Federal News Agency/PD Refusal of Russian gas supplies will lead to dire consequences in the US and the EU. Raw materials will rise in price against the backdrop of economic instability and shortages, and ordinary consumers will have to pay for it, according to Forbes. The cost of natural gas in the US futures markets … Read more

Gas meter rolled up billions // German gas importers estimated losses from falling supplies from Russia

German gas companies have previously estimated at €32 billion their potential losses from short deliveries of Russian gas to the country for the period from October 1, 2022 to April 1, 2024. The German authorities, in order to cover these costs of companies, have introduced a gas tax for end consumers. At the same time, … Read more

Novikov Group will freeze pizzas // Restaurateur structures are preparing for the production of semi-finished products

Against the backdrop of a reduction in the presence in Russia of foreign chains of pizzerias and large suppliers of this product, Arkady Novikov, the owner of Novikov Group and partners, can launch a project in this segment. The structures of the restaurateur are preparing to release their semi-finished products for pizza for supply to … Read more

In Russia, it is necessary to fall for a long time // The Central Bank explained the softness of the recession by the mutual expectation of sellers and buyers

The Bank of Russia has put forward a new explanation for the short-term situation in the Russian economy: according to its economists, we can talk about an “adaptive expectation trap”, in which the protracted GDP decline is explained by the inertia of both consumers and producers. Companies are expecting demand adjustments, consumers are expecting supply … Read more