Consumer demand in Russia began to grow in August

The head of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Maxim Reshetnikov, during a speech in the State Duma at a meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy and the Committee for Control, announced the passage of the lowest point of the consumer recession in the country. .

The number of consumer loans issued to Russians returned in August to the pre-crisis level

Meanwhile, the increase in the number and volume of consumer loans occurred against the background of a decrease in the average loan amount. Last month, it decreased by 3.7%, returning to the level of December 2021, and corresponded to 217.2 thousand rubles. .

Rating of regions according to the dynamics of consumer demand

Based on Rosstat data, RIA Rating specialists tracked the dynamics of consumer demand. It was estimated by the change in the volume of spending adjusted for inflation. The calculation methodology is based on combined data on retail trade turnover, the volume of paid services and people’s spending on cafes and restaurants. How much did residents … Read more

The leader of the rating of consumer demand in Russia was the Novosibirsk region

© / Vladimir TrefilovRussian rubles MOSCOW, 12 Sep – Growth in consumer demand is observed in 26 regions of Russia in 2022, while the leaders of the rating were the Novosibirsk region, Chukotka and Tomsk region, at the end of the list are Adygea, Moscow and Arkhangelsk regions, the study shows. Changing dynamics According to … Read more

Growth in consumer demand recorded in 26 regions of Russia

Moscow Agency / Sofia Sandurskaya An increase in consumer demand was recorded in 26 regions of Russia in 2022. This conclusion follows from a study by RIA Novosti. The leading position in this indicator is occupied by the Novosibirsk region with an increase of 7.4%. It is followed by Chukotka and Tomsk region with 7%. … Read more

Rosstat registers a decrease in prices for consumer goods for the third month in a row

At the same time, prices have been falling for the third month in a row. Fruit and vegetable products fell in price the most. Thus, the price of beets decreased by 24.8%. Not far behind her are carrots, potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes and onions. .

consumer from the G7 countries will pay for the “price ceiling” for Russian oil

According to the representative of the Department of Economics and Finance of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the RANEPA Boris Pivovar, all these meetings and agreements on setting a “price ceiling” for Russian oil are more like some kind of PR campaign. But its effect is far from clear. Of course, there … Read more

Gas price (finally) lower, but ‘consumer far from out of trouble’

The gas price collapsed by 20% on Monday afternoon. Speculators see that more and more gas is going to storage facilities in Europe and that the gas shortages could not be too bad in the direction of a harsh winter despite Russian sanctions. “But even if the price drops sharply, consumers are still far from … Read more