Tarasova considers the statements of the NOCs of the Nordic countries about the non-admission of Russians to tournaments to be rude

Honored Coach of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova expressed dissatisfaction with the statement of the chairman of the NOC of Finland Jan Vapaavuori, which was supported by his colleagues from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The sports functionary called on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) “not to weaken the line” in relation to Russia. Tarasova shared her … Read more

WWII veteran Volkov considers holding referendums a restoration of historical justice

Lev Volkov called very correct the words of the President of the country Vladimir Putin that we cannot give people who are close to us in spirit and in blood to be torn to pieces by executioners. Therefore, we must respond to their call, let them choose their own future, the veteran said. .

The Russian Ministry of Finance considers systemic recapitalization of banks irrelevant

Federal news agency The Russian banking sector at this stage does not require systemic additional capitalization, says Ivan Chebeskov, director of the financial policy department of the Ministry of Finance. He stated this on the sidelines of the international banking forum “Banks of Russia – XXI century”. The first deputy chairman of the Bank of … Read more

The Embassy of Ukraine considers the words of the former head of the Romanian Foreign Ministry about borders a blatant insult

The Ukrainian embassy in Bucharest reacted negatively to the call of former Romanian Foreign Minister Andrei Marga to Ukraine to cede part of its territory to other countries. This was announced on September 17 by the Ukrainian diplomatic mission on its Twitter. The embassy noted that the statement of the former Romanian foreign minister calls … Read more

Russia considers new US nuclear deterrence strategy a bluff

The material says that the new US strategy involves intimidating its opponents with the fact that the use of nuclear weapons can lead to inevitable consequences. However, the fact that the White House poses no real threat allows Russia and China to consider American policy as a bluff. .

Alena Zhigalova ridiculed Svetlana Loboda, who considers herself the number one singer

Earlier, Loboda said that she was the number one artist in the country, but now she cannot make a deal with her conscience. She wants to remain human and not be ashamed of herself. The words of the Ukrainian celebrity angered her colleagues in Russia. .