MBC: South Korean president calls US congressmen ‘morons’

wikipedia.org | Architect of the Capitol/Public Domain South Korean President Yoon Sok-yeol had a conversation with his counterpart from the United States, Joe Biden. After that, the head of state publicly swore at the American congressmen, MBC reports. The South Korean leader commented on the proposal of the owner of the White House to contribute … Read more

US Congressmen are preparing a demand for the exclusion of Russia from the UN Security Council

According to Republican Brian Fitzpatrick, this will be a bipartisan address by the co-chairs of the Ukraine support group in Congress. The policy document will call for the exclusion of the Russian Federation not only from the Security Council, but also from the UN in general. .

The New York Times reported on the confrontation between Blinken and congressmen

The US Congress urges Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to recognize Russia as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism.” The inclusion of Moscow in the relevant list is unanimously supported by the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. According to the New York Times on Saturday, Blinken has been resisting pressure from … Read more

US congressmen support raising the minimum age for buying guns

The bill proposes to increase the minimum age for the acquisition of weapons to 21 years. The sale of magazines containing more than 15 rounds and devices for increasing the rate of fire may also be banned. Citizens will be required to store weapons in safes, the so-called untraceable “ghost guns” are also banned. .

US congressmen came to Kyiv “to see the situation with their own eyes”

US Senator Steve Danes and Rep. Victoria Spartz visited Kyiv and its suburbs, New York Times reports. We are talking about the village of Borodyanka in the Kiev region, where, according to the publication, Danes talked to reporters. According to him, seeing the situation with your own eyes is indispensable. “It’s important for US elected … Read more

Moscow has blacklisted about 400 US congressmen and 100 Canadian senators

“Mirror sanctions are being introduced against 398 members of the House of Representatives of the US Congress,” the ministry’s website said in a statement. In particular, they are prohibited from entering the territory of the Russian Federation. In addition, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that 87 senators from Canada are being blacklisted. The ministry stressed … Read more

Nearly 400 US congressmen blacklisted by Russia

Liu Jie/XinHua/Global Look Press Russia has blacklisted 398 US congressmen. This was reported in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. As noted in the foreign policy department of the country, members of the House of Representatives of the US Congress are included in the stop list on an ongoing basis. This measure … Read more