A resident of the Kuban received three days of arrest for provocation at the military registration and enlistment office in the village of Poltavskaya

The incident happened on September 26th. A drunken Kuban provoked people gathered at the military registration and enlistment office to a conflict. To the remarks that the police made to him, he responded with aggression. .

A man beat a motorcyclist to death with a bat due to a road conflict in the suburbs

In the suburbs, a 41-year-old man was detained who beat a biker to death due to a road conflict. A criminal case has been initiated. It is reported by the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the region. .

Scholz announced Berlin’s desire to prevent a conflict between Russia and NATO

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed the German intention to do everything possible to prevent a direct conflict between Russia and NATO. His words on September 28 are quoted by the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. Scholz pointed out that the country’s political course “remains clear”, this also applies to the supply of weapons to Kyiv. “Germany supports … Read more

In Syktyvkar, a school security guard sprayed a woman in the face with pepper spray

According to preliminary data, there was a conflict between the Syktyvkar and the security guard. The woman was waving her arms, and the man, probably considering this behavior a threat, took out a pepper spray and sprayed it in her face. .

Washington is trying to hide its vulnerability in the event of a nuclear conflict

According to the editors, this company began in order to deceive the whole world. By threatening Russia with a retaliatory nuclear strike in the event of such a strike against Ukraine, Washington is trying to substitute Ukraine for itself. Because the President of the Russian Federation in his address had in mind not Ukraine, but … Read more

The French began to guess who is really involved in the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine

Boulevard Voltaire noticed that the French began to guess who was really involved in the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. It was the countries of the West that acted as provocateurs of all the geopolitical decisions that were made by Moscow. In addition, the EU and the US incited Kyiv to take more decisive … Read more

Dutch cyclist arrested for conflict with teenagers on the eve of the World Cup final

On the evening before the final, girls aged 13 and 14 knocked on the athlete’s room several times, which provoked aggression from van der Pool. A quarrel broke out, during which the man pushed the schoolgirls. One of them suffered an elbow injury. .

Lavrov called the United States a party to the conflict in Ukraine

The US is a party to the conflict in Ukraine. This was announced on Saturday, September 24, by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a press conference following the results of participation in the events of the high-level week of the UN General Assembly. “Not so long ago, one of the commanders of the armed … Read more

China urged to prevent the expansion of the conflict in Ukraine

Participants in the conflict in Ukraine must not allow it to expand. This was announced on September 24 by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. “We urge all parties to this crisis not to let it spread further. We support all efforts to promote a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Ukraine,” he said at the … Read more