In Finland, they confirmed that they are studying the issue of erecting a fence on the border with the Russian Federation

According to Haavisto, despite the fact that now everything is calm on the Russian-Finnish border, the construction of a fence would help protect the country’s territory. “We in Finland are debating with the border authorities whether such investments in certain areas of the border would be profitable,” the minister said. At the same time, Haavisto … Read more

The Torsuev brothers confirmed the rumors about the filming of the continuation of the “Adventures of Electronics”

Recall that the Torsuev brothers became widely known precisely because of the filming in “Electronics”, but they do not worry that they literally became hostages of one role. .

RIA Novosti: radio interception confirmed heavy losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson direction

Ukrainian troops suffer heavy losses in the southern direction. This is evidenced by the negotiations of the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), the record of which is at the disposal of RIA Novosti. “Will there be support at all? They ask me. There are no people, communications – too, there are few … Read more

Spanish authorities confirmed a sharp decline in gas supplies from Russia to Europe

The total volume of Russian gas supplies to Europe has decreased by more than 82% over the year, said Spanish Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge Teresa Ribera. .

VFV confirmed data on positive doping tests in two Russian volleyball players

Doping tests of ex-volleyball players of the Novosibirsk Lokomotiv and the Russian national team Alexander Butko and Pavel Moroz, handed over at the tournament in 2014, turned out to be positive. On September 19, TASS was told about this by the Secretary General of the All-Russian Volleyball Federation (VVF) Alexander Yaremenko. “Butko and Moroz were … Read more

The Ministry of Health of the Kherson region confirmed the death of four people during shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian Nazis recently used the American HIMARS MLRS to bombard the center of Kherson. Four people became victims. The last of them, a pensioner, knew how to do it on the morning of September 17, the Ministry of Health of the Kherson region reported. .

Podolyak confirmed Ukraine’s involvement in the attack on Kherson and the murder of the deputy head of the VGA

It is the Ukrainian forces that are responsible for the missile attack on the building of the military-civilian administration (MAC) in Kherson, which resulted in the death of three people, and the killing of officials in Berdyansk. Such a statement was made by adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine … Read more