Somnologist Kudinov listed the conditions for good sleep during stress

According to the expert, for some time before going to bed, you need to exclude external stimuli such as TV, the Internet and the bright screen of a smartphone. Such sources of information before sleep do not allow the brain to relax, so instead of resting, it continues to work at night. .

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Finland announced the conditions for entry for Russians after September 30

NEVA NEWS | Areg Ervan Finnish Interior Minister Krista Mikkonen explained how Russians will be able to enter the country after September 30. Finland decided to restrict the entry of tourists from the Russian Federation this week. Nevertheless, some Russians will still be able to cross the border. Each case will be considered separately, said … Read more

The journalists found out in what conditions the son of Alibasov offered to live with Fedoseyeva-Shukshina

The son of producer Bari Alibasov, Bari Alibasov Jr., spoke about the nursing home, in which he invited his father’s ex-wife, actress Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina, to live. .

Mintsifra clarified the conditions for deferment from mobilization for employees of telecom operators

“The operator must have at least one valid license for the provision of communication services. Without this, one cannot be included in the list of companies whose employees can receive a deferral,” the agency said in the official Telegram channel. It is clarified that if, when filling out the form on the public services portal, … Read more

The Ministry of Labor of Russia proposed to simplify the assessment of working conditions for microbusiness

Press Service of the Roscongress Foundation The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation proposed to simplify the assessment of working conditions for companies employing up to 15 people. The head of the department, Anton Kotyakov, spoke about this at the plenary session “Occupational risk management through the prism of new changes in legislation in … Read more

Italian scientists called the conditions for effective work in a remote format

Scientists conducted a survey of representatives of the professorial staff of universities in Italy and a number of other European countries, who have a long experience of working remotely. It turned out that structuring the workflow over time is much preferable to trying to isolate the workplace at home, according to Boring Technologies. .

Ukrainian migrants complained about inhuman working conditions in Poland

According to Roman, an 18-year-old Ukrainian who works in Gliwice, such incidents are increasingly provoking conflicts. So, recently, migrants went on strike, as employers deducted money from them for a lunch break. The Ukrainian complained that his compatriots had to work 15 hours a day. .