SHAMAN performed in Moscow at a concert in honor of the accession of new regions

Concerts are held throughout Russia, the main of which is in Moscow. Artists perform on the capital’s stage, among which was SHAMAN. The singer performed the song “Let’s Get Up” on Red Square. .

Yuri Loza refused to hold a concert at an Orthodox festival in the Moscow region

Pop singer Yuri Loza was unable to perform at an Orthodox festival in the Moscow region, dedicated to the birthday of the Church of the Great Martyr Nikita. In social networks, the performer spoke about the reasons for the cancellation of the concentrate. .

Fans of the Queen criticized her for the concert in blue and yellow colors

The queen gave a concert in the capital, where she took the stage in a blue dress. During the song “Yellow Tulips”, her backup dancer completed the number with yellow ribbons. The singer shared an excerpt from the performance on her page on the social network, which caused a lot of negativity from subscribers. .

American rapper 6ix9ine confessed his love for the Russians at a solo concert

Global Look Press via ZUMA Press/WIXTRÖM PETER American rapper Daniel Hernandez, known under the pseudonym 6ix9ine, previously held a solo concert for residents of Moscow. From the stage, the performer confessed his love for Russia and its citizens. He called the Russian Federation his second home, and then turned with an unexpected request to the … Read more

Gagarina brought Novosibirsk to tears with words about the strength of the Russian people

The composition of Viktor Tsoi, recognized as patriotic, caused a flurry of stormy applause. At the same time, the performer supported the listeners with an inspiring phrase about the strength of the Russian people. .

Thematic concert “We do not abandon our own” takes place on the Square of Glory in Samara

Interactive platforms will be organized on Glory Square, where it will be possible to record video messages in support of Russian military personnel, volunteers and residents of Donbass. There will also be collection points for humanitarian aid. Public and political figures, artists and creative teams, volunteers will take part in the action. .

Khamatova, Grebenshchikov and Mansky will perform at the Montenegrin festival

Khamatova, Grebenshchikov, Mansky, theater director Ivan Vyrypaev, documentary filmmaker Vitaly Mansky, singer Boris Grebenshchikov, art group Pussy Riot will perform at the Montenegrin festival. All these artists left the country and criticized the actions of the Russian authorities in Ukraine, according to the Paragraph Telegram channel. .