Programmer Khamitov gave some advice on computer security Information security, the safety of personal data, and protection against viruses are now receiving increased attention. IT specialist Airat Khamitov gave some simple tips on checking Internet resources for security. The security of the site that the user wants to visit must begin with an assessment of its appearance, Chelninskiye Izvestiya reports. The text … Read more

Named the dangers of incorrect posture in front of the computer

Tatyana Abdulina, a Healthy Back course instructor, said that an incorrect posture at a computer can lead to migraines and destroy the vertebrae of the cervical spine. In an interview with Gazeta.Ru on August 25, Abdulina noted that when sitting at a computer for a long time or using other gadgets, it is important to … Read more

School incompleteness // Yuri Litvinenko on the difficulties of choosing a computer for the school year

There are less than two weeks left before the start of the new school year, and by September 1, parents have been buying not only stationery, but also electronics by September 1. You can come up with different requirements for what store marketers call a “study computer.” But, in any case, it should definitely be … Read more

They don’t trade with strangers here // The Ministry of Industry and Trade closes the defense of the state order from Western computer technology

The Russian side submitted proposals to the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) on changing the rules for public procurement of computer equipment, servers and data storage systems in the EAEU. In fact, we are talking about the fact that the Russian Federation, as the largest state customer in the union, intends to evade purchases, at least … Read more

Krasnodar computer club closed access to the Apex Legends game due to LGBT support

Recall that the developers of Apex Legends made an official statement in support of transgender people. Respawn Entertainment emphasized that they support transgender colleagues, partners, family members and players who have faced discrimination. .

The regions of the Far Eastern Federal District will cooperate in the production of computer equipment

The Yakut company is not new to the IT field. Since 2016, she has been creating an algorithm for processing chest CT images. With the onset of the pandemic, its solutions turned out to be more than in demand and were applied to solve applied problems: with their help, it was possible to reduce the … Read more

‘Apple almost done with its own computer glasses’: this is what we know about ‘project N301’

After years of rumors and competitor devices that flopped outright (Google Glass) or caught on with a select audience of gamers and tech adepts (any other augmented or virtual reality goggle), Apple may finally be on the cusp of a new device. launch what humanity would be waiting for. According to some Apple watchers, it … Read more