Austrian Foreign Minister announced readiness to compromise on visas for Russians

Vienna is ready to consider compromises on visa restrictions for Russians, in particular, the suspension of the visa facilitation agreement. This was announced on Wednesday, August 31, by Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg. “Of course, we are ready to consider whether a compromise can be reached. For example, the option of terminating the visa facilitation … Read more

Le Figaro readers criticized Macron for calling not to compromise with Russia

Readers of the French newspaper Le Figaro reacted sharply to the calls of French President Emmanuel Macron not to compromise with Russia. “Shut up, this is unbearable!” — outraged SYLVIE PICARD 2. One commenter expressed the hope that in the long run France would not have “that bad resident”. “Macron is again putting forward proposals … Read more

Experts urged the United States to open channels of communication with the Russian Federation for the sake of a compromise

The United States needs to start opening channels of communication with Russia and looking for ways to compromise. This point of view was made by experts, whose opinion is quoted on July 27 by the American newspaper The New York Times. “The United States and its allies must certainly continue to supply Ukraine with the … Read more

The benefit requires a reason // The government is not ready to forgive social contributions to all ASEZs

The White House has found a compromise option for expanding support for residents of advanced development territories, which is required by the Federation Council – according to Kommersant, the government is ready to agree to an extension of the social contribution rate of 7.6% for those who came to the TOP in the first three … Read more

Lithuanian President Nausėda opposed a compromise with Russia on transit to Kaliningrad

Lithuania needs to find a way to avoid the negative consequences of the anti-Russian sanctions policy, while not easing the pressure on Moscow. This was announced on Saturday, June 25, by the President of the Republic, Gitanas Nauseda. “Lithuania must maintain and will continue to maintain control over the goods transported through its territory, and … Read more

The Hill: The West is looking for a compromise with Russia due to the economic crisis The EU countries and the United States, realizing that sanctions and isolation of Russia do not bring the desired result, are trying to come to a compromise, William Moloney writes in an article for The Hill. Washington, he said, failed to rally the whole world against Moscow. Of the 195 countries in the world, … Read more

EU aims to reach compromise on oil embargo by end of May A consensus on the issue of banning Russian oil can be reached in the near future, President of the European Council Charles Michel is sure. European countries are ready to accept a new package of sanctions, including a ban on the purchase of Russian oil. However, the decision remains uncertain due to the principled … Read more