Turkish Foreign Ministry assured of complete provision of the population with energy resources in winter

He acknowledged that due to high inflation in Turkey, energy resources have risen in price significantly. Thus, the price of gas purchased from Moscow has increased three to four times for Ankara, Cavusoglu specified, speaking at a conference on the foreign policy of the republic. At the same time, Russia covers about 44% of the … Read more

Geely received in the Russian Federation a new complete set of the Coolray crossover

Geely has introduced a new Link package for the Coolray crossover in Russia. This was announced on December 5 by the press service of the company. The new version of the machine is aimed at a younger audience. Thanks to advanced software, owners of Geely Coolray Link will be able to remotely receive information about … Read more

a resident of Kiev spoke about the preparations for a complete blackout in Ukraine

The Ukrainian claims that there is already no gas in his house, which made cooking much more difficult. According to the man, he was forced to purchase a portable gas stove that runs on small cylinders. Its cost was 1,600 hryvnia, and the cost of each cylinder was 90 hryvnia. .

Historian Smolin: The West will continue to help Kyiv until the complete reset of the statehood of Ukraine

From the personal photo archive of Mikhail Smolin A full-fledged revenge on the “historical losers” Warsaw and Vilnius is beyond their powers. However, they are always ready for petty dirty tricks against Russia, said the historian of Russian conservative thought, publicist, member of the Union of Writers of Russia and candidate of historical sciences. Mikhail … Read more

Kyiv authorities set a course for the complete destruction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

The SBU also found warehouses with wholesale shipments of “pro-Kremlin literature that praises the aggressor country and calls to support the occupiers.” The photo shows stacks of the following literature: “Children’s Bible”, “Primer for public schools”, “Pastoral conversations with children”, “Catechism in pictures”, “Prayer rule”. .

Therapist Tikhomirova warned about the risk of anemia with a complete rejection of meat

The meat of poultry and animals contains a large amount of vitamin B12. Those who have completely abandoned such products may face a shortage of a useful element. Subsequently, there is a risk of developing anemia, Tikhomirova said in an interview with Life.ru. .