Vera Brezhneva complained that she could not find peace after leaving Russia

The artist managed to work as a volunteer in Poland, helping Ukrainian refugees to settle in a new place. At the same time, Brezhneva admitted that she could not calm down and find peace. Although the desire to believe in goodness still lingers in her soul. .

Larisa Dolina complained about the postponement of the opening of the jazz club due to sanctions

NEVA NEWS | Zoya Chernichnaya Singer Larisa Dolina was forced to postpone the opening of her jazz club to December 2022. The reason was Western sanctions against Russia, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports. Construction work was suspended due to lack of resources. The performer complained that in the current situation it is extremely difficult to plan anything. … Read more

Morozov complained that he “got” from Stepanenko for supporting Petrosyan

Alexander Morozov was no exception. His reaction to the comedians’ divorce was rather restrained, but the comedian could not help but express his support for the “boss” Petrosyan. For this, he got from Stepanenko, who considered that Alexander did “not very well.” .

TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva complained about problems with sleep and nervous system

According to Kudryavtseva, anxiety, depression and insomnia that she has may be the result of the coronavirus suffered by the actress, because of which she had to spend two weeks in quarantine at the hotel. Now she believes that the disease had a negative impact on her emotional state. .

A Russian woman who had a rest in Abkhazia complained about the high prices and rudeness of local residents

The tourist admitted that she was ready for minimal comfort, but the rest in the country still disappointed her. The first noticeable disadvantage for the woman was “drag” prices. According to her, the average check in the dining room is from 500 rubles per person, while the quality of service leaves much to be desired. … Read more

Ukrainian migrants complained about inhuman working conditions in Poland

According to Roman, an 18-year-old Ukrainian who works in Gliwice, such incidents are increasingly provoking conflicts. So, recently, migrants went on strike, as employers deducted money from them for a lunch break. The Ukrainian complained that his compatriots had to work 15 hours a day. .