Azerbaijan is not going to compete with Russia in the European gas market

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that the country will not compete with Russia in the European gas market. Azerbaijan has its customers in different countries, including a certain niche in the EU. The state suits everything, and there are no intentions to change anything. .

Russian figure skater Dmitrieva will compete for Israel

prt The Israeli Figure Skating Federation (IFKK) has confirmed the process of registration of sports citizenship of the Russian woman Maria Dmitrieva. The athlete trained for a long time in St. Petersburg under the guidance of Alexei Mishin, but in the spring of this year she moved to the group of Sergei Rozanov. In … Read more

Lord support the laptop wider // Sales of Russian equipment in retail require effort

The government, large retailers and Russian electronics manufacturers are discussing the idea of ​​subsidizing the cost of advertising domestic electronics (laptops, system units and tablets) to retail chains. This should increase the recognition of Russian brands in the consumer segment, retailers believe. But electronics manufacturers emphasize that in addition to marketing support, they need preferential … Read more

OPEC Secretary General announced the refusal to compete with Russia

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will not compete with Russia, as its participation in the OPEC+ format is vital for the bloc. This statement was made on July 31 by OPEC Secretary General Haycam al-Ghaisa. Al-Ghais stressed that Russia is “a major, main and very influential player on the global energy map”, … Read more

Eutelsat and OneWeb may announce merger to compete with Starlink

French satellite operator Eutelsat and British company OneWeb may announce a merger in the coming days. This was reported on Sunday, July 24, on its website by the Financial Times newspaper. According to the publication, the merger will help Eutelsat and OneWeb compete more effectively with the American SpaceX, which deploys a network of Starlink … Read more

Ex-foreign ministers and health ministers compete for premiership

Former British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and former British Health Minister Sajid Javid will both announce their candidacies for Prime Minister following the departure of Boris Johnson. Both candidates announced their intentions to the Telegraph newspaper. As reported by the publication, both candidates from the Conservative Party put the tax cut in the center of … Read more

Beef is dropping from the menu // Cheap imports put pressure on Russian farmers

By the end of this year, meat processors won 200,000 tons of beef from duty-free imports to the Russian Federation, but this had a negative impact on the business of Russian farmers. They cannot compete on price with suppliers of raw materials from abroad, which are at least 25% cheaper, and have practically stopped selling … Read more