Petersburgers compared the results of transport reform in the city with the 90s

Residents of St. Petersburg are complaining massively on social networks about waiting times for buses that have grown by 30-40 minutes, non-working validators, crowded salons, and the need to ride standing up. The abolition of minibuses and their replacement with city buses did not bring anything good to the residents of the city. .

Political analyst Soloveichik compared the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with terrorism

At the time of the attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the heads of ministries and employees of the military-civilian administration were in the building. As the interlocutor of the FAN noted, striking at socially significant objects, Ukrainian gangs continue their criminal activities. .

Anokhin compared the situation in Khimki with folklore elements

TAC | Bobylev Sergey Former general director of Khimki Sergey Anokhin commented on the situation in the club near Moscow. The head coach of the team Sergei Yuran was fired in early August. Nikolai Pisarev became the mentor of the Moscow Region team, under whose leadership the red-blacks lost four matches in a row. Currently, … Read more

Readers of the Chinese “Guancha” ridiculed Borrell, who compared the sanctions against the Russian Federation with a diet

Readers of the Chinese “Guancha” in the comments on the publication’s website criticized EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell for his statement about the effectiveness of anti-Russian sanctions. At a plenary session in Strasbourg earlier this week, Borrell likened the sanctions to a diet that should not have an effect … Read more

Borrell compared anti-Russian sanctions with a diet and angered the Chinese

globallookpress/Juan Manuel Serrano Arce Readers of the Chinese edition of “Guancha” criticized the statement of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell. On September 13, during the plenary session in Strasbourg, he compared the sanctions with a diet, the result of which is not achieved the next day. “And according … Read more

The expert compared gas prices in Russia and Europe

The price of gas in the EU countries has increased several times, while in Russia prices are formed in a different way, Igor Yushkov, a leading analyst at the National Energy Security Fund, told Izvestiya. According to the specialist, today the price for gas in Moscow is about 7 rubles per cubic meter, however, as … Read more