“Russian Towers” are being built into “Vertical” // FAS allowed Ivan Tavrin to acquire the company

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has approved the petition of Ivan Tavrin’s Kismet Capital Group (KCG) structures to acquire Russian Towers from UFG Private Equity. The asset may be merged with the already controlled by KCG “Vertical” and the First Tower Company (PBK) of “MegaFon”, the purchase of which should be completed by the end … Read more

Swiss company Mitto accused of providing access to customer data

Former employees and clients of the Swiss technology company Mitto have accused it of organizing a surveillance service for governments around the world. These findings are contained in a joint investigation by Bloomberg and the London Bureau of Investigative Journalism. The company, whose clients include Google and Twitter, is one of the leading providers of … Read more

Training “for life” // Company employees are satisfied even with unqualified coaches

Employees of Russian companies strive to discuss personal effectiveness with professional coaches and are most often satisfied with the results of the sessions, according to a study by the recruiting company Hays. At the same time, the qualification level of a significant part of such specialists may be insufficient – from 30% to 60% of … Read more

Honor sold everything // New models of the Chinese company took advantage of demand in Russia

The return of Honor smartphones with Google services to the Russian market after the restoration of relations with the company, severed due to US sanctions against Huawei, proved to be successful. In two weeks of sales, the company, according to analysts, sold the entire first batch and occupied 5.5% of the market. If Honor shipments … Read more

Share protection // In November, foreign exchange assets brought profit to the shareholders

The last fall month proved to be successful for mutual funds focused on foreign exchange assets: high-tech stocks, precious metals and Eurobonds. The value of shares of such mutual funds increased by 3-18%. At the same time, the funds of Russian stocks and bonds showed a noticeable decrease in the value of shares, but at … Read more