Since the beginning of the year, the Central Bank has recorded signs of a financial pyramid in 1.5 thousand companies

The number of companies with signs of a financial pyramid, which the Bank of Russia identified in the nine months of 2022, amounted to almost 1.5 thousand units, Valery Lyakh, director of the Department for Combating Unfair Practices, said at the Territory of Financial Security conference. .

Russian companies began to sell oil tankers due to EU sanctions

Because of this, the Russian operator Railgo was forced to sell its Taganrog Tanker Fleet company. The Railgo operator had three river-sea tankers that were used to transport 1 million tons of oil products per year. Despite the sale of ships, the Russian company remains the largest operator transporting petroleum products by rail. .

Mintsifra plans to approve activities of accredited IT companies

Mintsifra plans to approve activities of accredited IT companies on Friday © Photo : Pexels / LucasProgrammer at work © Photo : Pexels / Lucas Programmer at work. Archive photo MOSCOW, October 5 – RIA Novosti. The Russian Ministry of Digital Development expects on Friday to approve a list of activities, the implementation of which … Read more

German companies turn off lights and distribute warm clothes to workers to save money Amid the energy crisis and soaring prices in Germany, many German companies have begun to save money through unusual measures, such as turning off the lights and giving employees warm clothes. The automaker Volkswagen, in particular, decided to reduce the temperature in the shops of its main brand to 17 degrees. Instead of heating, … Read more

Siluanov estimated at 1 trillion rubles the additional revenues of the Russian budget from the withdrawal of excess profits of companies

Moscow Agency | Andrey Nikerichev The Russian budget in 2023 will receive about 1 trillion rubles of additional income as part of the measures proposed by the Ministry of Finance to withdraw excess profits from companies, said the head of the department, Anton Siluanov. During the presentation of the bill on the budget for 2023-2025 … Read more

The Ministry of Digital Development determined the level of state participation for accredited IT companies

Mintsifra: IT companies with less than 50 percent state participation will retain their accreditation © RIA Novosti / Evgeny Biyatov / Go to media bankThe girl works in the technopark “Horizont” in Moscow © RIA Novosti / Evgeny Biyatov Go to media bank The girl works in the technopark “Horizont” in Moscow. Archive photo MOSCOW, … Read more