Nizhny Novgorod and Izhevsk will again be connected by direct railway communication

A direct train “Nizhny Novgorod – Izhevsk” will again appear in the railway schedule of the Privolzhsky District. The press service of the State Railways confirmed that the route “Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan” was officially extended to the capital of Udmurtia. “This was done in order to increase transport accessibility,” the railwaymen said in a … Read more

In Dagestan, a man shot his sister because of communication with a neighbor

A man shot his older sister six times because she was talking to a neighbor. The incident took place in Buynaksk in Dagestan, Telegram channel 112 reported. According to media reports, the citizen came to visit a relative and learned about the new gentleman. As a result, the attacker opened fire on the woman. A … Read more

Zakharova called the decision of Moldova on air communication with the Russian Federation politicized

The decision of the Moldovan authorities not to resume direct flights of Air Moldova to Moscow is politicized and dictated by foreign forces. This opinion was expressed on September 15 by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, during a briefing. “And what is this if not the imposition of political will … Read more

Medical psychologist Krushinsky listed phrases that should not be said to a child

Along with this, it is not advised to tell your child that he “cannot be trusted” or call the child “irresponsible”. Such phrases instill in children a sense of guilt and shame in front of their parents, and can also make them insecure, the psychologist emphasized. .

It became known why Anita Tsoi did not communicate with her brother who was imprisoned

Recall that after a three-year imprisonment, Alexey was released in 2019. However, during all this time, his sister was never interested in his life. Anita Tsoi immediately made known her attitude to what happened when her mother called her for the first time because of the condemnation of her second child. .

Say something like a central bank // ECB economists wondered if the population of Europe understands them

Economists at the European Central Bank (ECB) have published a review on the new stage of the “communication revolution of central banks”. The active communication of regulators with the professional community since the 1990s has been transformed in recent years into a discussion by central banks of the next step – direct communication with the … Read more

Experts urged the United States to open channels of communication with the Russian Federation for the sake of a compromise

The United States needs to start opening channels of communication with Russia and looking for ways to compromise. This point of view was made by experts, whose opinion is quoted on July 27 by the American newspaper The New York Times. “The United States and its allies must certainly continue to supply Ukraine with the … Read more

Telephone communication in the DPR will switch to the Russian code from August 1

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