Volatility and a combination of factors: economist Bagamanov on what oil prices are subject to

Federal news agency Today, oil prices fluctuate between rising and falling. The current picture on the market is described by the analyst of the publication “Economy Today” Alexander Bagmanov. “According to the results of trading yesterday, September 29, oil prices did not change significantly, falling slightly by 0.8%, and in fact they traded just below … Read more

Peskov did not rule out the combination of Putin’s direct line with a press conference

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Positions were added to Denis Manturov // The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade became an industrial vice-premier

Vladimir Putin on Friday approved personnel reshuffles aimed at solving the problems of Russian industrial production in the face of sanctions – Industrial Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov was dismissed, and his powers were given to the new Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. It is expected … Read more

Alarm: combination of inflation and recession is imminent

The central bank think tank, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), is calling for stronger action against high inflation. Prices are going up far too fast and the outlook for the economy is deteriorating. This threatens a period of stagflation. This is stated by the BIS in its annual report published on Sunday. The think … Read more

Political scientist Kevehazi explained the error in the combination of “collective West”

Prt Scr YouTube/Russia-1 Russian politicians often use the phrase “collective Europe” or “collective West”. However, these concepts do not reflect the real state of affairs that is happening today in the EU. This was stated by the Hungarian political scientist Miklos Kevehazi. The expert, in a conversation on the results of the parliamentary elections in … Read more

The combination of scrambled eggs and spinach was able to protect against cancer

pixabay.com A favorite morning meal can help protect the human body from the development of cancerous tumors. Egg white is considered very beneficial for health. In addition, it is often eaten for breakfast, cooked in various ways. Nutrition experts have developed a recipe for scrambled eggs that will protect the body from the development of … Read more

The optimism of industrialists grows with the normalization of sales // Monitoring of market conditions

The first February (according to the survey as of February 16) estimates of the Gaidar Institute’s Index of Industrial Optimism (IEP) record its continued fluctuations around a downtrend, after reaching a peak in August 2021. In February, it grew after the local minimum in January, and did not return, however, to the level of December. … Read more