Investigative Committee opened a case on the fact of the disappearance of two people after a collision of a boat and a barge on the Oka

Recall that the incident occurred on the evening of September 28 in the city of Aleksin. When hit by a barge, the boat was seriously damaged and sank. The search for the people who were in it is still ongoing. .

An eight-year-old boy was thrown aside after being hit by a passenger car in the Nizhny Novgorod region

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, the driver of a domestic passenger car knocked down an eight-year-old boy who was crossing the road in the wrong place. The child survived, according to eyewitnesses on social networks. .

The driver of a foreign car was fatally injured in a collision with an elk in the suburbs A traffic accident with tragic consequences happened on the Moscow Big Ring. The foreign car crashed into an elk crossing the road, because of which the driver died. It is reported by “MK”. According to the newspaper, the man was driving at the speed limit. Noticing an animal on the track, he immediately braked, … Read more

In Vladivostok, the driver who collided with a residential building was brought to justice

Federal News Agency Employees of the State traffic inspectorate brought to justice the driver who drove his car into the entrance of a residential building. As it was possible to establish, the arrested person does not even have a driver’s license. The day before, on September 27, the on-duty department of the traffic police regiment … Read more

Several people died in a collision between a passenger car and a truck near Yaroslavl

Federal News Agency An accident involving a truck and a car occurred on the 237th kilometer of the M8 Kholmogory highway in the Yaroslavl region. Information about this was confirmed in the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. “09/25/2022 at about 20.50 in the Yaroslavl district at 237 km of the … Read more

In Moscow, Audi was torn apart after a collision with road equipment

In the west of Moscow, a foreign car was literally torn apart after a collision with road equipment. According to the Telegram channel of the Moscow Department of Transport, the incident took place on 29 Mozhaisk Highway. Information about the victims is being clarified. Movement in the direction of the area is difficult.

The driver was injured in a collision between two cars and a bus in Rostov-on-Don

Federal News Agency Three cars were involved in an accident in Rostov-on-Don. The police are investigating the circumstances of the incident. This was reported in the propaganda department of the traffic police in the region. The incident took place on Dobrovolsky Street. According to preliminary data, a 25-year-old man driving a Skoda Fabia crashed into … Read more

Two people were injured in a collision between a concrete mixer and a gazelle in New Moscow

The collision of a concrete mixer and a “gazelle” occurred on the territory of New Moscow. As a result, the drivers of both vehicles were injured. The men were hospitalized, the press service of the capital Deptrans reports. .