Alfa-Bank launched currency transfers to China for individual clients

© RIA Novosti / Maria Devakhina / Go to mediabankA passer-by near the entrance to the Alfa-Bank office on one of the streets in Moscow © RIA Novosti / Maria Devakhina Go to mediabank MOSCOW, 15 Sep – Project “Russia-China: Main“. Alfa-Bank provided an opportunity for individual clients to make currency transfers to China in … Read more

Cross-border transfers to China became available to VTB clients

To use the service, a VTB client must open an account in yuan, buy currency (online, in the application or bank office) and transfer the required amount. You can transfer 20 million rubles at a time, and no more than 100 million rubles per month. The commission is 1% of the transfer amount. .

Citizens pay later // Installment payments are growing faster than other consumer loans

By the end of the year, the volume of the installment services market (BNPL) may reach 8 billion rubles. While these are hundredths of a percent in the total volume of consumer lending, however, according to experts, the market will grow faster than other segments. First of all, this will happen due to an increase … Read more

Protests took to the platform // Workers are able to defend their rights without the help of trade unions

The number of protests of “platform” workers (finding clients with the help of aggregators) is growing in the world, according to a study conducted by experts from the World Labor Organization (ILO). Most often, such workers defend their rights through short-term strikes and demonstrations. Other forms of protest, such as suing employers, are less common. … Read more

With confidence in tomorrow’s delay // Bank customers are waiting for their solvency to fall

After the outbreak of hostilities by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, clients of Russian banks lost confidence in themselves: only less than a quarter of them have no doubts about their ability to service current loans. In the future, experts admit that there will be even fewer confident in their solvency, which will lead to … Read more

“Yandex.Eda” allowed customers to delete information about orders

An option has been added to the Yandex.Food delivery service to delete information about completed orders, the company said in a statement. Earlier, Yandex was fined for leaking user order data. The service has launched such an opportunity so that users can independently manage the data stored by Yandex Food, ”the Yandex notice says (quoted … Read more