Peskov announced his readiness to help Chubais

The Russian authorities will provide assistance to former head of Rosnano Anatoly Chubais, hospitalized in one of the European clinics with Guillain-Barré syndrome, if requested. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov during a conversation with reporters. He also added that the Kremlin was saddened by … Read more

There are details about the state of Chubais

On Sunday, July 31, it became known that Anatoly Chubais was in intensive care. A source close to the ex-special envoy of the President of Russia told details about his condition. As reported, Anatoly Chubais is in one of the European clinics. He was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome. According to a source familiar with the … Read more

Chubais to step down as co-chairman of the Association for the Development of Renewable Energy

Anatoly Chubais will step down as co-chairman of the non-profit partnership Association for the Development of Renewable Energy (ARVE). His application for early resignation was considered by the ARVE presidium on June 10, a source close to the association told TASS. .

TASS: Chubais will step down as ARVE co-chairman

Anatoly Chubais, the former special envoy of the President of Russia for sustainable development, will step down as co-chairman of the Association for the Development of Renewable Energy (ARVE), TASS reported, citing an unnamed source. Mr. Chubais is currently out of Russia. According to a source close to the association, Anatoly Chubais’s application for early … Read more

Economist Khazin revealed the secret of the hasty escape of Chubais from Russia

He clarified that the official was a supporter of liberalism and would hardly have agreed to go against his Western colleagues. After Putin announced his intention to gain the country’s full sovereignty and independence from the institutions of the West, Chubais had no choice but to leave Russia, Khazin revealed his plan. His further activities … Read more

Publicist Shakhnazarov dedicated poems to Chubais seen in Cyprus

Publicist Mikhail Shakhnazarov also reacted to the appearance of such a picture. He dedicated a poem to Anatoly Chubais, in which he called the ex-head of RUSNANO “a cunning red-haired rogue.” It is not the first time that Mikhail Shakhnazarov speaks about famous people who have left Russia. .

Host Norkin ridiculed the problems of Russian billionaires with a joke about Chubais NTV Television Company JSC Presenter Andrey Norkin, with one sharp joke about an escaped Chubais, described the complaints of Russian billionaires who suffered from sanctions. The topic of the broadcast of the TV show “Meeting Place” was the problems of large businessmen in Russia, who had to face the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions. As … Read more

Russian security officials will check information about Chubais’s accounts hidden in European banks

It is assumed that the possible accounts of the former official may contain several billion in foreign currency. The interlocutor of the agency added that the security forces are already interviewing witnesses from Chubais’s entourage. However, there is no official confirmation of the information yet. .

Representative of Chubais called scientific activity the purpose of the ex-official’s trip to Israel

Anatoly Chubais, who previously held the post of special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for relations with international organizations, left for Israel to engage in scientific activities. This was stated by his representative. .