Psychologist Sagliani spoke about the negative impact of constant moving on the children of Pugacheva

The prima donna often transports the twins Lisa and Harry after her. And recently, judging by media reports, the artist took the heirs abroad. However, the psychologist believes that such trips can cause psychological trauma to the offspring of the singer. .

Residents of Poland advised not to take potassium iodide tablets and not to give them to children

According to the head of the agency, the country is not threatened by the scenario of Chernobyl or Fukushima, even in the worst case scenario. Thus, drugs with iodine or Lugol’s solution do not need to be taken without a doctor’s prescription, since this is not only pointless, but also dangerous. .

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Onishchenko urged not to blame only psychiatrists for the tragedy at the Izhevsk school

The FAN interlocutor also noted that if this shooter had not killed himself, he might even have escaped imprisonment. Most likely, he would have been expected to be kept in a psychiatric hospital of a specialized type with intensive supervision, where there are criminals who have committed serious crimes, but at the same time recognized … Read more

The crisis in the UK may leave schoolchildren without lunch Children from needy families in the UK could be on the brink of starvation due to record inflation and rising gas and food prices. Chefs in Schools, a British nutrition charity, has recorded an increase in the number of hungry children. Their parents are forced to make a choice between paying utility bills and … Read more

A refugee who survived near Kharkiv spoke about the shelling of children by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A woman who survived the shelling of a convoy with refugees in the Kharkiv region told Izvestia correspondent Dmitry Zimenkin that the Ukrainian military shot at cars with children, despite the presence of “Children” stickers on the windows. The woman shared that the shelling began about 20 minutes after the column moved out of Kupyansk. … Read more

Clarified the situation with the study of children Pugacheva and Galkin

Global Look Press | Komsomolskaya Pravda Information has appeared on how the children of singer Alla Pugacheva and comedian Maxim Galkin (included in the register of foreign individuals) are educated. The son and daughter of the star spouses continue to study, despite the constant moving, the source said FAN in the field of education. The … Read more

Alena Ashmarina told how the children accepted their father who left them

The star of the Dom-2 project, mother of many children, Alena Ashmarina, spoke about the relationship of children with their father, businessman Jean-Paul Churkin, who left them immediately after birth, but returned to the family two years later. .