The identity of the character “Trigger” was revealed in the new issue of the show “Fantastic”

“Trigger” scored the lowest number of points according to the results of the release. Behind him was the singer Ivan Agafonov, better known under the pseudonym Iv Nabiev. The little-known artist was the winner of the Voice show. The artist noted that he was pleased to be the first to be revealed in the show. … Read more

Ksenia Sobchak compared Kurban Omarov with a narrow-minded character from “The Twelve Chairs”

Entrepreneur Kurban Omarov, who was previously married to TV presenter Ksenia Borodina, posted on social networks a post about the development of Russian culture. His thoughts were ridiculed by journalist Ksenia Sobchak. .

The first test version of the cartoon “Shrek” in 1996 appeared on YouTube

The footage, voiced by American actor and comedian Chris Farley, shows some locations from the cartoon and Shrek, which is distinguished by marsh skin, as well as an elongated head and a long nose. In the moments when the character smiles, viewers can see his crooked teeth worn out by caries. .

Farewell to Shatunov surpassed the funeral of Nachalova in its scale and mass character

prt scr Shatunov Employees of the Troekurovsky cemetery compared the scale of farewell with the soloist of “Tender May” Yuri Shatunov and singer Yulia Nachalova. The cemetery staff admitted that they had not seen such a large number of people for many years. Fans who arrived from different cities of Russia began to queue … Read more

Juice for growth // The maximum volume of packaging for children’s drinks can be increased

Amid food packaging shortages, juice producers are asking the government to increase the size limit for beverage containers for young children from 0.2 liters to 0.5 liters. A similar relief has already been adopted for milk baby food, but due to the temporary nature of this measure, there is no particular effect yet. Market participants … Read more

The persecution of Russian supporters in the Baltics takes on the character of the persecution of the times of Nazi Germany

The Baltic countries, which were previously part of the USSR, are trying to pretend that they are decent European democracies, but even a superficial analysis leads to the conclusion that there is no democracy there at all. Otherwise, the authorities of these countries would not restrict the rights of Russian-speakers by banning their language, would … Read more