The first channel denied the information about the closure of the program “Voice” | FIRST CHANNEL Channel One denied information about the closure of the Voice program. Information about the abandonment of the project has recently appeared in the Telegram channels. A refutation during a conversation with TASS was shared by the press service of Channel One. “It is not true. The filming of “Voice. Children” is … Read more

The court will consider the lawsuit of the WMA against the lawyer of the family of rapper Cartwright on the air of Channel One

Lawyer Anton Kobit starred in the program “Let them talk.” On the air, he accused the doctors of the academy of wanting to get rid of parts of the performer’s body. In addition, Kobit spoke about corruption in the VMA. However, representatives of the Academy said that the information is not true. .

Stas Sadalsky said that the NTV channel tramples on the memory of Lyudmila Gurchenko

Throughout the program, the stars condemned Gurchenko’s granddaughter Elena Koroleva. The actor did not understand what the help of celebrities to the artist’s family is. According to Sadalsky, it was not worth voicing the problems of the Queen to the whole country. .

Malakhov’s new program will be released on the Rossiya TV channel

The TV channel did not specify the details of the format of the new transmission of Malakhov. However, it became known that the program will appear on the air from Monday to Friday at 16:30. At the same time, Andrey is the host of the Hello, Andrey! and Songs from the Heart. .

Loboda tried to justify herself for cooperation with Channel One | TVNZ Svetlana Loboda is holding a large-scale fundraising tour in support of Ukraine. However, the concerts had already had to be canceled in Germany due to a “mistake” by the organizers. As the artist herself stated, Channel One was listed as a partner on the tickets purchased by the fans, which is not … Read more

The film crew of Channel One was detained while trying to talk to the mayor of Volgograd

The incident took place on September 12 at City Hall. It is noted that after a conversation with law enforcement officers, the film crew of the federal television channel was released. The reasons for the incident have not yet been established. .