The cost of cars of three Chinese brands changed in Russia in the second half of September

Three brands were included in the list of the agency. So, on September 16–30, three models of the Changan brand rose in price by 1.3–3.1%. Cars CS35PLUS and CS55i have risen in price by 30 thousand rubles, and UNI-K has increased in price by 100 thousand rubles at once. .

Psychologists from Michigan figured out how the pandemic has changed people’s personalities Psychologists from the University of Michigan have figured out how the coronavirus pandemic has changed people’s personalities. Foreign researchers studied the data of 7 thousand people aged 18 to 109 years. Participants of the experiment took special online tests in 2020, 2021 and 2022. It turned out that after the pandemic, people became more … Read more

Referendum plan changed in Sverdlovsk region

It was planned that from September 23 to 26 they would take place outside the premises of polling stations: according to information received about the whereabouts of refugees in the cities of the region, at temporary accommodation points, and only on the last day – at polling stations in Yekaterinburg. But people asked to organize … Read more

Psychologist Stepanova told how Pugacheva’s life changed after the birth of children

According to the expert, the artist led a wild life before replenishing the family. The prima donna, according to Stepanova, has difficulty holding impulses, so her life was “constant drinking, friends, habalism, unbridledness.” .

The wife of Andrei Malakhov has changed beyond recognition

The couple visited friends, who later posted pictures from the event on social media. In one of the photographs, you can see how Malakhov’s wife habitually put her hand on the shoulder of her beloved. However, fans did not immediately recognize Shkuleva in her. According to them, the woman’s look has changed a lot. .

Changed beyond recognition Pugacheva has fun with friends

Moscow Agency | Kirill Zykov The singer Alla Pugacheva, who returned to Russia, does not lose heart after arriving at her homeland. The prima donna, who has changed beyond recognition, is having fun in the company of friends. Information about the artist’s pastime was shared by her friend, singer and composer Igor Nikolaev. He spoke … Read more

The star of the film “The meeting place cannot be changed” Danilova survived an underground abortion

In her fourth year, Danilova married actor and director Askhab Abakarov. When they were married, the performer of the role of Varya Sinichkina suddenly fell ill, and she was prescribed an aggressive course of hormones. However, at that time the artist was pregnant, but for some reason the doctors did not recognize her position in … Read more