Neurologist Miroshnichenko estimated Todorenko’s chances of having a third child

It is known that Todorenko suffers from scoliosis and vitiligo. The first disease, according to the specialist, is not a sentence in the modern world. You can stop the symptoms by playing sports, and during pregnancy it is necessary to see a doctor who, as a result, will decide whether to give birth to a … Read more

Americanist estimated the chances of Kanye West to become the President of the United States

American rap artist Kanye West has no chance of becoming President of the United States. On November 23, Izvestia was told about this by American political scientist Malek Dudakov. Earlier in the day, West said he met with former US President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida and discussed his intention to run … Read more

Peskov answered the question about the chances of extending the grain deal

Peskov said that hard work continues on the issue of extending the grain deal   © AP Photo / Khalil Hamra – A Planet vessel arrives at the port of Derince in the Gulf of Izmit, Turkey. Archive photo MOSCOW, November 16 – Hard work on the “grain deal” continues, and quite constructive contacts are being … Read more

The goalkeeper of the national team of Tajikistan praised the chances of his team in the match with Russia

A friendly match between the national teams of Tajikistan and Russia will be held in Dushanbe on November 17. On the eve of the meeting, goalkeeper Rustam Yatimov, who was born in Nizhny Novgorod, said that he believes in the victory of his national team. The words of the goalkeeper leads “Match TV”. .

Expert Usov said about the low chances of the West to agree on a price limit for Russian oil

Anton Usov, managing partner of the audit and consulting company Kept, called it unlikely that Western countries would reach an agreement on a price ceiling for Russian fuel. In his opinion, it will be difficult for consumers of oil from the Russian Federation to reach a consensus on the price limit, since this is a … Read more

How Biden dug up the chances of the Democrats. US midterm elections to be held next week

According to a poll conducted in late October by Rasmussen Reports, seven days before the election, Republicans significantly outperform Democrats in voter preferences. Thus, 49 percent of respondents are ready to vote for the “elephants”, and 42 percent for the “donkeys”. At the same time, 62 percent of those polled consider it important that the … Read more

The Swedish prosecutor’s office assessed the chances of catching those responsible for sabotage in the Baltic

Global Look Press | Jens Buttner/ZB The Swedish prosecutor’s office said that those responsible for the explosions at Nord Stream could be found. An investigation into the sabotage is currently underway. Prosecutor Mats Jungkvist said that at present “there are good opportunities to investigate” the incident, since the area of ​​the Baltic Sea where the … Read more

The President of the Philippines estimated the chances of concluding trade agreements with Russia

Philippine President Marcos Jr: Philippines will sign trade agreements with Russia © AP Photo / Aaron FavilaFerdinand Marcos Jr., President of the Philippines © AP Photo / Aaron Favila Ferdinand Marcos Jr., President of the Philippines. Archive photo MOSCOW, September 24 – RIA Novosti. The Philippines is in talks with Russia to buy fuel and … Read more

Fighter Vildanov estimated the chances of Tarasov in the upcoming fight with Kovalenko

Pop-MMA fighter Artem Tarasov will be able to defeat Svyatoslav Kovalenko in the upcoming fight. This was announced on Friday, September 23, by mixed martial arts fighter Denis Vildanov. The fight will take place at the end of September as part of the REN TV Fighting Tournament. “Well, there are also two wonderful guys here, … Read more