The Public Chamber explained why it is necessary to exempt media journalists who are not included in the list of backbone organizations from mobilization

The appeal of journalists from patriotic media that are not included in the list of backbone organizations will further lose Russia’s position in the information war. Such an opinion FAN said the first deputy chairman of the media commission of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, journalist Alexander Malkevich. .

The head of the Accounts Chamber Kudrin was offered a 5% stake in Yandex for the transition to the company

The capitalization of “Yandex” as of September 23 is 6.51 billion dollars. About 95% of the company’s profit comes from business in the Russian Federation. Alexei Kudrin, after joining the company, may enter its board of directors. Arkady Volozh, like many Yandex top managers, lives in Israel. .

Civic Chamber: Ukrainian special services recruit Russians in social networks

Active recruitment in social networks is carried out by the special services of Ukraine, calling on the Russians to “sow chaos.” This was stated by a member of the Public Chamber of Russia Alexander Malkevich. He said that cybervolunteers in a number of closed Telegram chats found specific instructions on how to organize panic and … Read more

political scientist Sokolov on the initiative of the Civic Chamber of the LPR to immediately hold a referendum

At the same time, the Ukrainian army, leaving Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, Rubizhne, Kremennaya and Svatovo in the LPR, did everything possible to destroy or render unusable the strategically important infrastructure of the LPR. .

The Public Chamber of the LPR appealed to Pasechnik with a call to immediately hold a referendum The Public Chamber of the Lugansk People’s Republic appealed to the head of the LPR, Leonid Pasechnik, with a request to immediately hold a referendum on recognizing the region as a Russian subject. The authority believes that joining Russia will secure the republic. Also, the corresponding step will open up new opportunities for Lugansk … Read more

The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation explained the inappropriateness of preferential mortgages for secondary housing

The introduction of a program to provide a preferential loan for the purchase of housing in the secondary market is inappropriate, said the auditor of the Accounts Chamber of Russia Natalya Trunova. .

Auditor of the Accounts Chamber spoke about the risks of low-rise construction

The development of individual housing construction may give rise to new social and communal problems. This was told in an interview with “RG” auditor of the Accounts Chamber Natalya Trunova. The density of the road network in Russia lags behind the European one by several times; in the last 15 years, the network of social … Read more

Accounts Chamber expects deflation to continue in Russia until October

Federal news agency Deflationary processes in the Russian economy may continue until October, TASS reports with reference to the forecast of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. Experts expect deflation in early autumn, caused by a seasonal decline in food prices. This may affect primarily fruit and vegetable products and commodities such as sugar … Read more

Rudenya: Tver region and RF Chamber of Commerce agreed to develop cooperation

  © Photo: Government of the Tver region TVER, July 14 – The Tver Region and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry have agreed to develop cooperation, the press service of the regional government reports. “Today, in this very difficult time, we, like the whole country, are engaged in the fulfillment of the main task … Read more