Restaurants open to visitors // Restrictions on catering are lifted in Moscow and the Moscow region

The system of mandatory QR codes introduced on June 28 for visiting cafes and restaurants in Moscow will be canceled from Monday. Also, establishments are allowed to work at night and the activity of food courts is resumed. A similar decision was made by the authorities of the Moscow region. Restaurateurs expect traffic to recover … Read more

Catering comes with meals // The QR code system cost a lot to cafes and restaurants

The mandatory system of QR codes introduced on June 28 in Moscow cafes and restaurants cost the business at least 35% of the proceeds, and also led to the closure of dozens of facilities. From July 19, establishments will start working as usual. But market participants do not count on rush demand due to the … Read more

Restaurants with an antique menu // Catering establishments in Moscow will be allowed only by QR code

The ban imposed by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin on the free visit of unvaccinated citizens to all catering establishments in the city could lead to a reduction in traffic by 80–90%. But delivery services that are already preparing for the growth of orders will win. The new measure actually negates the just begun experiment on … Read more

Food courts of discord // Anatoly Kostyrev on restrictions in catering

The well-known phrase “everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others” may well illustrate the decision of the Moscow authorities to suspend food courts from 13 June. As planned, this should prevent the gathering of people in a rather small area at the next peak of the pandemic. Meanwhile, Mikhail Goncharov, the co-owner … Read more

Hours for public catering are reduced // Restaurants in Moscow are again restricted from working

Moscow authorities again restrict the work of catering due to the increase in the incidence of COVID-19. Cafes, bars, nightclubs and restaurants are allowed to serve visitors in the hall from 6:00 to 23:00, and food courts are suspended. While the measures are valid until June 20. Nightclub managers are preparing for a 30-50% drop … Read more

Benefits are brought to restaurants

Facing a large-scale crisis due to restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurateurs may receive additional support measures. In 2022, companies with revenues of no more than 2 billion rubles. per year it is planned to exempt from VAT, and structures with a staff of 1.5 thousand people will be allowed to pay a reduced … Read more

With the world on a string – in the cafe a veranda

Trying to compete in the saturated Moscow catering market, non-network establishments have discovered a new tool for raising funds – crowdfunding. This spring, at least three such campaigns were announced on popular fundraising platforms. So, the bar “Sur” decided to collect 1 million rubles. for the renovation of the basement in a café that has … Read more