Russian Embassy in the US: Clash of nuclear powers will have catastrophic consequences

“I would like to believe that such delusional arguments do not reflect the official position of the US military department. We proceed from the fact that Washington is well aware of the escalating nature of such reckless rhetoric,” the Russian diplomatic mission said. It is especially emphasized that the US Department of Defense should not … Read more

“Catastrophic slowdown”: Yahoo News Japan acknowledges Russia’s victory over Western sanctions

Federal News Agency The anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the West have shown their complete futility. This conclusion was reached by readers of the Japanese edition of Yahoo News Japan. The author of the article noted that after the EU refused Russian gas, he went to Asian countries. In addition, the countries of the Middle East … Read more

Kyiv hides the catastrophic losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during failed offensive attempts

People who are familiar with the situation only by hearsay also talk about huge losses in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So, the girl of one of the Ukrainian servicemen reported that seven out of a hundred people survived in one of the units. .

Romanian authorities announced a catastrophic drop in gas imports

Romanian authorities said imports of natural gas into the country fell to record levels. Because of this, serious concerns have arisen about how the country will be able to survive the coming winter, reports REGNUM. .

Military historian spoke about the catastrophic consequences of the confrontation between China and the United States

The consequences of a clash between China and the United States due to the visit of the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to the unrecognized island state of Taiwan by China could be catastrophic. Such an opinion on Tuesday, August 2, in an interview with Izvestia, was expressed by military historian … Read more

the transfer of NATO weapons to the Russian borders was a “catastrophic mistake”

The West could get closer to the Russian Federation, establish ties in all areas, which would entail increased security throughout Eastern Europe, he noted. However, this never happened due to the failed NATO policy, which misjudged Russia’s reaction to the transfer of weapons. .

German industrial union expects catastrophic consequences of refusal from Russian gas

globallookpress/Daniel Reinhardt Stopping Russian gas supplies to Germany would have catastrophic consequences for the country. This was announced in an interview with Bild am Sontag by the head of the Industrial Union of Germany (BDI), Siegfried Ruswurm. The specialist suggested proceeding from the fact that with a shortage of such large volumes of energy, gas … Read more

NYT warns Biden against making ‘catastrophic mistakes’ in Ukraine

People who read about Ukraine in the media may find the conflict in the country to be “a long, exhausting and somewhat boring routine.” However, in reality, along with the growing duration of the crisis, the number of opportunities for making catastrophic mistakes increases, the author of the article writes. .

America will not live to see 2024: the dynamics of US financial and economic indicators are catastrophic

We will not specifically dwell on the exorbitant $612 trillion of currency and credit derivatives, that is, derivative financial instruments, or on the much more conservative M2 monetary aggregate of almost $22 trillion (the equivalent of this amount in 2000 is immediately given – 4.7 trillion dollars, i.e. for 21 years the American currency has … Read more