A student became a defendant in a criminal case for stealing rolls from a courier in Yekaterinburg

pxhere.com The police opened a criminal case against a student in Yekaterinburg, who took the rolls from the courier and refused to pay for the delivery, reports E1.RU. It was established that the young man ordered a dish and said that he would take the order at the entrance. When the courier drove up to … Read more

The head of the municipal institution was arrested in the case of embezzlement of 32 million rubles in the Leningrad region

According to published data, we are talking about the appropriation of 32 million rubles allocated for the installation of heating points in residential buildings in Gatchina and Murino. The security forces conducted 14 searches at the places of residence of the suspects. In addition to the director of the municipal institution, law enforcement officers detained … Read more

Person involved in drug trafficking case extradited from Russia to Estonia

Russia has extradited an Estonian citizen accused of drug trafficking. The person involved, who is on the international wanted list through Interpol channels, was handed over to the authorities of the Baltic republic at the Ivangorod-Narva checkpoint, said the official representative of the Russian Interior Ministry, Irina Volk. .

In Tver, the mother of a defendant in a murder case tried to bribe a judge for 300,000 rubles

According to a number of media reports, after the end of the next meeting, the secretary found a folder left by the defendant’s mother on the judge’s desk. There was also a piece of paper on which the amount of 300 thousand rubles, the number of the criminal case and the name of the accused … Read more

The head of the road infrastructure of the YaNAO was sent to a pre-trial detention center in the case of taking a bribe of 26 million rubles

The investigation believes that from June to November 2015, Borkun received more than 26 million rubles from intermediaries acting in the interests of one of the LLCs. In exchange for money, he promised to ensure the company wins the bidding for a government contract. .

An employee of the military registration and enlistment office in Bashkiria was sent under house arrest in the case of bribery

According to investigators, last summer a woman approached the suspect’s wife and asked, in exchange for a monetary reward, to release her son from conscription and military service. Between June and September, she handed over 170,000 rubles to an employee of the military registration and enlistment office through an intermediary. After that, the defendant organized … Read more