Russian woman, who became disabled after the terrorist attack in Beslan, died in intensive care

In North Ossetia, the former hostage of the terrorist attack at the first school in Beslan, Marina Duchko, died. The woman died in the intensive care unit, the head of the republic Sergei Menyailo said on Telegram, without specifying the cause of death. .

Alexander Ponomarenko was in intensive care after being treated by a healer

When traditional medicine stopped helping, Ponomarenko turned to an herbalist. The concert director of the brothers, Anatoly Mutter, admitted that he was initially against this idea, but the healer nevertheless tried to help the artist. After treating her with herbs, Ponomarenko’s condition worsened, he ended up in intensive care. It is noteworthy that the healer … Read more

The child was in intensive care after riding a swing in Kerch

Complaints were repeatedly received about the improvement of the square, opened on August 1 on Voroshilov Street. So, at the end of summer, the wiring in the park closed, all the lights went out. In addition, purchased green spaces withered less than a month after planting. Already at the end of September, complaints began to … Read more

Svetlana Kryuchkova told how Larisa Gurchenko took care of her on the set of Eldar Ryazanov

– “Hussar ballad”. Even my youngest son, when he was little, adored this movie. He was in love with Larisa Golubkina. When we were at the festival and left at six in the morning, little Sashenka, I think he was five or six years old, put a jar of roses at her door. So he … Read more

Turkish Ministry of Health: Five victims of the terrorist attack in Istanbul remain in intensive care

Five injured during the terrorist attack in Istanbul are in intensive care, the condition of two doctors is assessed as serious. This was announced on Twitter (blocked in the Russian Federation) by the head of the Turkish Ministry of Health Fahrettin Koca.