China is losing momentum // Monitoring of the world economy

The main indicators of the Chinese economy in July showed a slowdown in growth after a temporary acceleration in June. Industrial production grew by 3.8% over the year against 3.7% a month earlier, while the figure increased by 0.38% month on month. At the same time, the production of “new energy” cars and solar panels … Read more

“Restarting the investment cycle is a task facing the entire economic bloc” // Deputy Minister of Economy Murat Kerefov on the development of investment mechanisms

The government’s plans to restart the investment cycle in the new economic reality and the development of a key mechanism in this area – agreements on the protection and promotion of capital investments (SZPK) – in an interview with Kommersant, the new curator of the SZPK, Deputy Minister of Economy Murat Kerefov spoke. .

Lockdowns correct forecasts // Monitoring of the world economy

China’s GDP in the second quarter of this year increased by only 0.4% in annual terms, a quarter earlier, the increase was much more significant – 4.8%. In quarterly terms, the indicator decreased by 2.6%, according to the National Bureau of Statistics of China. Industrial production in the country in the second quarter increased by … Read more

Emerging markets are losing capital // Monitoring / world economy

Portfolio investment in emerging markets in June declined for the fourth month in a row. Their total indicator fell by $4 billion, while investments in shares fell by $10.5 billion, and an inflow of $6.6 billion was recorded in bonds, calculated at the Washington Institute of international Finance (IIF). The inflow of funds into Chinese … Read more

How did the government take over construction?

The restructuring of the public investment management system began back in 2020 – against the background of the annual criticism of the effectiveness of FTIP related to the development of budgetary funds and the appearance of “unfinished construction”, Mikhail Mishustin instructed to create a “clear vertical” of management in the industry. The first step in … Read more

The state recognized itself as an investor // FTIP is being turned into a five-year plan to stimulate the economy

The government fixed by resolution No. 655 of April 14, 2022 a new structure for discussing budget investments in construction. To use budgetary capital investments as a counter-sanction stimulus for the economy in the Russian Federation, a new state program will be launched – a five-year comprehensive (intersectoral) program “Construction”. It will be managed by … Read more

China’s industry worked in reserve // ​​Monitoring of the world economy

China’s industrial production in January-February grew by 7.5% yoy (against 4.3% yoy in December), the highest growth was in the high-tech sector (14.4%) and equipment (plus 9.6%) , among the individual market segments, the production of vehicles powered by cleaner energy sources showed the most significant growth (plus 150.5%), followed by industrial robots (29.6%) and … Read more