“Patriots” from France supported ex-presidential candidate Royal who condemned Kyiv

Filippo posted several messages in social networks in support of the politician. He praised Royal for her “exemplary” courage, noting that “all the dwarfs of the system” pounced on her. Filippo wondered what reaction Dominique de Villepe, the former French Foreign Minister, would have provoked today, who in 2003 condemned “American propaganda and lies” and … Read more

Candidate for deputy Tatarintsev told why he walks in Moscow with a cougar without a muzzle

According to him, the cougar named Hercules is completely tame, since he has been living in the apartment of a Moscow family since childhood. In the evenings, Sergey Tatarintsev takes his pet to one of the nearby parks. Sometimes residents of the Russian capital come up to chat with a cougar. But some require a … Read more

Zelensky proposed to the Rada a candidate for the post of Prosecutor General of Ukraine

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British PM candidate vows to limit China’s influence in the country

Former British Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak wants to limit China’s influence in the UK if he wins the race for premiership. This is stated in his election program, the text of which was cited on Sunday, July 24, by The Daily Telegraph newspaper. Sunak said, citing MI5 Director General Ken McCallum and FBI Director Christopher … Read more

Candidate for the post of British Prime Minister vowed to fight Russia

British Prime Ministerial candidate Penny Mordaunt said in an article for The Telegraph on July 16 that she would lead the West’s efforts against Russia if elected. “[Спецоперация России по защите Донбасса] shook the world. Well, we were inspired. As Prime Minister, I will lead the West’s response to this [операцию] and make sure our … Read more

Candidate country status will accelerate Ukraine’s post-war recovery – European Commission president

Europe has a special responsibility for the future fate of Ukraine and the opportunity to carry out more intensive efforts for its development and reconstruction after the country has officially acquired the status of a candidate country for membership in the European Union. President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said this at … Read more

In Bulgaria, the EU was called a union of clowns after granting Ukraine candidate status

Residents of Bulgaria came into indignation after granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for entry into the European Union (EU). Readers of the Bulgarian portal Dir gave their assessment of the EU decision in the comments to an article on the relevant topic. Some of them resented the fact that Kyiv received the desired … Read more

Journalist Schiltz called the status of an EU candidate for Ukraine “dummy”

As noted by the journalist of the publication Christoph Schiltz, such a status of Ukraine does not oblige the countries of Europe to anything. According to him, this is only a “signal for people.” Schiltz added that Ukraine should not count on more, since “the obstacles are almost insurmountable.” .