Shakhnazarov spoke about the true reasons for the cancellation of Grebenshchikov’s concerts in Armenia

Earlier, Shakhnazarov was extremely surprised at the return to Russia of actor Alexei Panin, who had been hiding from the surrounding reality in Spain for the last year. The journalist cannot understand what prompted the man who called for the killing of Russians to return to his homeland. .

Stanislav Sadalsky explained the reason for the cancellation of Valeria’s concerts

Valeria tried to explain the cancellation of concerts in Russia. The artist felt that now is not the best time for entertainment events. So far, Valeria has postponed her performances to next year in the hope that the situation in the world will improve. .

The Roman Viktyuk Theater announced the cancellation of performances from September 24 to October 9

Performances at the Roman Viktyuk Theatre, which were supposed to be shown between September 24 and October 9, have been cancelled. This was reported on the website of the cultural institution. .

The Crave Theater canceled the author’s show of Ekaterina Varnava

The next show of the show “Absolutely Naga” was supposed to take place on September 22. According to, Varnava arrived at the theater two hours before the start of the performance, changed clothes, but then the performance was replaced by another – What women want. The production with the star was later removed from … Read more

Max Barsky was accused of lying after the cancellation of the concert in Baku

In his social networks, Barsky made a repost of the entry, which spoke about the “attack on Armenia.” The residents of Baku did not like this gesture. They began to demand the future performance of the singer and achieved their goal. However, the performer of the hit “Mists” himself said that he canceled the concert … Read more

Bosnian football player Pjanic called for the cancellation of the match with the Russian team

The ex-football player of “Barcelona” said that officials consulted with him about this. The 32-year-old athlete spoke out against, so the final decision surprised him pretty much. .