Sakhalin volunteers rescued kittens locked in a can Several kittens were rescued from a painful death at the Laska shelter in South Sakhalin. An unknown person left the animals to die in a closed can, but the hostess of the institution helped them, the Telegram channel “Give me a paw” reports on Tuesday. The container, inside which there were kittens, was found … Read more

School incompleteness // Yuri Litvinenko on the difficulties of choosing a computer for the school year

There are less than two weeks left before the start of the new school year, and by September 1, parents have been buying not only stationery, but also electronics by September 1. You can come up with different requirements for what store marketers call a “study computer.” But, in any case, it should definitely be … Read more

Personnel and employers have decided in doubts // Monitoring of the labor market

Russian employers are not sure how their business will develop until the end of 2022, and cannot yet determine a short-term personnel strategy. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the study of the recruitment company Ventra “Labor Market Challenges 2022: the view of employees and employers.” As follows from the results of the survey … Read more

“Paper money is a soft version of the official ideology” // Where and how are modernized banknotes of 100 rubles printed

Since the end of June in Russia, you can pay with a hundred rubles with a new design and security features. Every sixth banknote in circulation is represented by a face value of 100 rubles, but due to difficulties with setting up ATMs and other equipment, the updated banknote does not yet threaten to become … Read more

Beware of too fast translations // Dmitry Butrin on the language of statistics, people’s intuition and inflation expectations

It is tempting to write that this June spike in inflation expectations reflects a subtle “second inflation” trend due to destocking in industry – if it continues into July, we will. In the meantime, we are forced to state that we cannot and should not say anything in the language of simplifications: if you do … Read more

Carbonated wave // ​​Anatoly Kostyrev on the replacement of foreign drinks

The desire of Russian companies as soon as possible to occupy the niche of the Western giants who have announced their departure from the country has recently acquired such a scale that the consumer runs the risk of getting lost in these intricacies of trademarks for a long time. This is perhaps most evident in … Read more

Coalition to the crisis // Against the backdrop of the departure of foreign money, the advertising market tends to consolidate

The Russian advertising holding Igronik includes the Progression Group, the Strong Advertising communication group and the local agency Sova. As a result of the alliance, Igronik expects to increase the volume of advertising purchases from 9 billion rubles. up to 17 billion rubles in 2022. Other advertising groups are also negotiating mergers. Experts predict that … Read more

Invincible reserves // New KOM rules may not reduce power prices

After many years of discussions, the System Operator agreed to reduce the minimum reserve in the power system by almost 14 GW, or 40%. Such a step should lead to a drop in prices for energy capacity: in the European part of the Russian Federation and the Urals – by 17%, and in Siberia – … Read more

Putin: business inspections can be abandoned forever

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), said that “there are reasons to permanently refuse to check all Russian businesses”, whose activities are not associated with the risk of harm. According to the president, after the abolition of inspections of businesses in March, the statistics on violations fell. According … Read more