In Germany criticized the call of the ex-ambassador of Ukraine to supply tanks to Kyiv

The audience of the German publication Die Welt reacted negatively to the call of Andriy Melnyk, the former Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin, to send heavy weapons, including tanks, to Kyiv. The negative comments of the Germans appeared on Saturday, October 1, under the publication of a newspaper with a corresponding statement by a Ukrainian official … Read more

the general explained why the US is afraid to show Putin’s speech

Vladimir Putin, probably, for the first time issued such a tough and uncompromising speech in relation to the United States and the collective West as a whole. Before the entire world community, he revealed the most terrible crimes of the Americans, substantiating with dry facts that the main world criminals are sitting in high offices … Read more

Volgograd residents who fell under partial mobilization undergo a thorough medical examination

So, some Volgograd residents received a deferment for health reasons, others were sent for additional checks, and some were declared unfit. Nevertheless, the wives and mothers of conscripts tirelessly knock on the thresholds of authorities. Women ask that the individual characteristics of the mobilized be taken into account during the checks. .

False call: is the KHL facing a mass exodus of North Americans | Articles

The Continental Hockey League (KHL) is faced with the threat of the departure of North American players. On September 28, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Canada and the United States recommended that their compatriots leave the territory of Russia and Belarus. We are talking primarily about those who have dual citizenship – according to … Read more

The military commissar of the EAO explained the call for partial mobilization of citizens who did not serve in the army

According to him, the men in the autonomy, who did not serve in the army, are mobilized at will. At the same time, military registration and enlistment offices do not have the right to refuse these citizens. .

Governor Gladkov: Belgorod region will complete the call of citizens for partial mobilization

Global Look Press | Kremlin Pool The Ministry of Defense has reduced the number of citizens who must be mobilized at this stage. This was announced by the Governor of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov. “Thus, today we have about 120 people left who will now be called up as part of partial mobilization. All the … Read more

Military registration and enlistment offices will hand over draft notices around the clock as part of partial mobilization

Partial mobilization in Russia was announced on 21 September. Within its framework, it is planned to call up about 300 thousand citizens, which is approximately 1% of the country’s total mobilization reserve. It is noted that the mobilized Russians will be provided with three hot meals a day and individual rations. In addition, citizens will … Read more

A volunteer from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk spoke about the importance of responding to the call now

The military commissariat of the Sakhalin region ensures the conscription of citizens within the time limits and in the required quantity established by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. In the districts of the region, command and control centers and warning stations have been deployed, where citizens subject to mobilization are handed summons … Read more