Ukrainian society learns about what is happening at the front bypassing the official media

Ukrainian society is naturally concerned about the ongoing waves of mobilization. It is not informed about what is happening at the front through official channels, and is forced to obtain this information from social networks where opinions are exchanged. The expert emphasizes that if no measures are taken by the Kyiv regime, then this could … Read more

Shops in 17 districts of St. Petersburg sold alcohol bypassing the ban on the day of “Scarlet Sails”

On the day of the “Scarlet Sails” in St. Petersburg, the sale of alcohol-containing products was prohibited. Despite this, most of the city’s stores violated the “dry law”, the press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports. .

Iraqi parliament agrees to allocate funds to the government for the purchase of grain bypassing the budget AndDue to the impossibility of electing a president, prime minister and cabinet, the country’s leadership has not yet adopted a law on the budget. The Iraqi parliament on Wednesday voted in favor of an emergency bill that would allow the government to use funds from the public treasury to meet urgent needs related to … Read more

EAEU countries began to buy Russian flour bypassing restrictions

It can be expected that the demand for Russian flour and pastry products will also increase from other countries, Tuzov believes. However, the future problem of food shortages in the world will be solved by buyers of Russian grain, who are ready to pay for the goods in rubles and “resell it further, to neighboring … Read more

The Ministry of Finance will offer investors to make June payments on public debt bypassing Western infrastructure

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that Russia will fulfill all contractual obligations in foreign trade, despite the sanctions imposed. He also specified that the state would offer investors to make June payments on bonds bypassing Western infrastructure. According to him, new payment schemes are still being developed. “We will, of course, structure the June payments … Read more

Crypto interferes with capital control // IMF economists confirmed its effectiveness in bypassing financial restrictions

The semi-legal status of cryptocurrencies and a high degree of decentralization of operations with them make it possible to effectively use such assets to circumvent capital restrictions, follows from the work of IMF economists, published yesterday on the fund’s website. The authors point out that the popularity of cryptocurrencies, primarily stablecoins, is growing sharply in … Read more

Finnish railway operator Nurminen Logistics launches first route from China bypassing Russia

Finnish logistics operator Nurminen Logistics has announced the launch of a container route from China bypassing Russia. In mid-March, the company closed its representative office in the Russian Federation “due to significant operational changes.” cited by the RIA Novosti agency. The text of the message indicates that the route was developed jointly with the Kazakh … Read more

Bloomberg: Indian traders are trying to buy Alrosa’s diamonds bypassing sanctions Traders from India have been consulting with lawyers for several weeks to determine the meaning of US sanctions against the Russian company Alrosa. This is reported by Bloomberg. Representatives of trading groups expect to continue buying diamonds from Russia. In this regard, they are looking for all possible ways to buy raw materials bypassing … Read more

Natalya Prokazova: Russia will establish full-fledged logistics bypassing sanctions in six months

Federal news agency CEO of consulting agency Weconn Natalia Prokazova told the press center Media groups “Patriot”how the logistics of delivering Russian goods to foreign partners will change. The business consultant considers temporary disruptions in the supply of Russian goods to counterparties in other countries of the world. Sanctions, in her opinion, are, of course, … Read more