“Sberbank” faced a decrease in foreign currency deposits of large businesses by 17 times

Foreign currency savings of large businesses on the balance sheet of Sberbank decreased by 17 times in the first six months of 2022. During this period, the volume of funds of the largest clients, which are legal entities, on deposits in foreign currency decreased by 94%, Anatoly Popov, deputy chairman of the bank’s board, told … Read more

Hundreds of Ukrainians start their own businesses in the Netherlands

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. The same goes for Ukrainians. Hundreds of refugees have started their own business in the Netherlands in recent months. Such as Andriy Kuzmin (35), co-owner of a thriving logistics company in Kiev when the war broke out. In just over four months he rebuilt it in the Netherlands. “I … Read more

Small and medium-sized businesses will be able to receive preferential loans at 3-4.5%

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a resolution according to which small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be able to take soft loans for the restructuring and development of production at 4.5% and 3% per annum, respectively. The benefit program is valid for three years. You can take out a loan for ten years. As a … Read more

97% of micro businesses are not ready to switch to a new tax regime

Most microbusiness companies are not ready to switch to a new tax regime – the automated simplified taxation system (ASTL) – due to high tax rates and non-compliance with the eligibility criteria. This is reported by RBC with reference to the results of a survey by the Aktion Accounting service among more than 400 firms … Read more

The Bank of Russia proposed to sharply reduce the register of small and medium-sized businesses

The Central Bank has prepared proposals that involve a sharp reduction in the register of small and medium-sized businesses. This was reported by Kommersant. “Small and micro-enterprises require more conservative restrictions on the size of assets and debt,” the Bank of Russia said in a presentation. The Central Bank intends to remove from the register … Read more

Lazebna offered EU countries to allow displaced businesses to pay taxes in Ukraine

Social Policy Minister Maryna Lazebna proposed to MEPs to allow Ukrainians and Ukrainian businesses relocated to the EU to pay taxes in Ukraine. This was reported by the press service Ministry of Social Policy of Ukrainereports Ukrinform. “Marina Lazebna, Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, during a visit to Brussels, discussed with Dragos Pislar, Chairman … Read more

B2B purchases on the Internet were simplified for small and medium-sized businesses

Yandex Market has adapted its B2B purchasing service for small and medium-sized businesses, the company’s press service reported. Now it’s easier for entrepreneurs to register on the service — just enter the name of the company or individual entrepreneur, or TIN, and the marketplace fills in all the rest of the data itself — the … Read more