Oil fell by 4% due to the reduction of geopolitical tensions

Moscow, 15 February. Decreased geopolitical tensions and reduced concerns about the risk of supply of raw materials have contributed to the decline in the cost of oil in world markets, according to Prime. March futures on WTI fell by 4.43% to $91.23, while the price of April futures for Brent fell by 4.05% to $92.57 … Read more

Updated Lada Vesta has been certified

Moscow, 15 February. The new Lada Vesta has been certified and legally fully ready for release and start of sales. This is reported by the portal “Lada.online”. As expected, there will be no changes in terms of engines and transmissions. Visually, the model will differ redesigned bumpers, rectangular LED foglights, a new grille, as well … Read more

Residents of the Moscow region are compensated for the costs of housing and communal services by almost 25 billion rubles

Moscow, 15 February. The Government of the Moscow Region plans to spend almost 25 billion rubles to compensate for the costs of housing and communal services in 2022. The money will go to regional and federal payments to people eligible for benefits, according to Vesti Podmoskovye. Right to provide compensation have 2.7 million inhabitants of … Read more

Experts told what Russian goods foreign consumers urgently need

Experts who took part in the Top Ten program Dmitry Panov told how, despite the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, they manage to develop cooperation with foreign partners by organizing the supply of products from Russian manufacturers abroad. St. Petersburg exports, in addition to mineral raw materials and products of the oil and gas … Read more

The government of the Russian Federation has limited subsidizing of charging stations for electric vehicles

Moscow, 15 February. The Russian authorities may start subsidizing the purchase of charging stations for electric vehicles. However, budget money will be allocated only for gas stations with a capacity of 150 kW. This opinion was expressed by First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov. Writes about this “Kommersant”. Formerly Ministry of Industry and Trade spoke … Read more

Russians began to buy more equipment and less food via the Internet

Moscow, 15 February. Residents of Russia in 2021 began to buy more equipment and less food on the Web, RBC reports citing data from the Association of Internet Trade Companies (AKIT). Average check for purchase digital and household appliances in 2021 increased to 11,260 rubles (from 8817 rubles in 2020). The average check for food … Read more

Gazprom Neft and Japan’s Mitsui plan to jointly develop low-carbon projects

Moscow, 15 February. Gazprom Neft Holding and the Japanese trading and investment company Mitsui signed an agreement of intent to develop low-carbon projects. It is planned to implement the program in Russia and the regions where the enterprises operate. This was reported on the Gazprom Neft portal, TASS writes. This is not the first partnership … Read more

Colonel Starikov revealed the US get-rich-quick scheme on the myth of the invasion of Ukraine

Washington, February 15th. Washington has found a way to save its economy at the expense of Ukraine. Or rather, due to the panic fanned around the imaginary invasion of Ukraine, and the fear of the leaders of the European Union. The Americans expect to raise the heat of hysteria to such a level that Europe’s … Read more

“Yandex.Market” will be purchased abroad // Marketplace will be engaged in direct import

Intense competition in online trading is forcing the largest marketplaces to diversify their business. Yandex.Market will start importing products of well-known foreign brands on its own, including clothing and household goods. Meanwhile, experts note that the market as a whole is experiencing a reverse trend: marketplaces are trying to reduce the share of goods that … Read more