More than 300 people got out of a burning hostel in the north-east of Moscow

“In total, more than 300 people were evacuated before the arrival of firefighters,” TASS reports. People independently got out from the fourth floor of a five-story building, despite the fact that open burning was observed from the windows of the fourth floor, RIA Novosti reports. The message about the fire in the building on Yaroslavskaya … Read more

In Khabarovsk, six people were rescued from a burning barracks

The fire broke out in a wooden two-story hut in the center of Khabarovsk. Information about the fire in the house number 94 on Istomin Street was received by the duty officer on Saturday early in the morning. The fire was immediately given a higher rank. As it turned out, the apartment on the ground … Read more

The Ministry of Emergency Situations reported the collapse of the roof of the burning shop of the Kola MMC

The fire on the territory of the workshop of the Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company, which is part of the Norilsk Nickel group, began on Wednesday afternoon. The roof of the building collapsed as a result of the incident. All employees were evacuated, no one was hurt. .

Firefighters rescued animals from a zoo in a burning Ufa shopping center The zoo was evacuated from the burning building of the Mercury shopping center in Ufa. The fire area reached 1.5 thousand square meters. There were no injuries among animals and people. Extinguishing work continues, the fire area remains unchanged. “In the course of the extinguishing, the zoo that was located here was evacuated,” said … Read more

FAN publishes video of burning Kalinin hospital in Donetsk The roof of the Kalinin hospital in Donetsk caught fire after a rocket attack by Ukrainian soldiers. At the FAN’s disposal, footage from the scene of the fire appeared. Recall that the shelling of a medical facility was recorded tonight. Rescuers are currently on the scene. Information about the dead and injured is not … Read more

Three people were injured in an accident with a burning bus on the Kaluga highway in New Moscow

Another accident happened earlier in the Saraktash district of the Orenburg region. The driver of the VAZ lost control, and the car flew into a ditch, where it rolled onto its roof. Two people were injured, RIA56 reported. .