In Donetsk, the mother of one of those who came under fire tried to find her son herself in a burned-out bus

People’s News A resident of Donetsk tried to find her son in a burned-out bus, which was hit by a shell. The woman became hysterical and surveyed the area. At the disposal of the FAN was a video filmed at the scene. Recall that the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired on the Voroshilovsky district of … Read more

The body of a man was found in a burned-out apartment in the south-west of Moscow A deadly fire occurred in the south-west of Moscow. The body of a man was discovered by rescuers while extinguishing a fire in an apartment on the 12th floor. Recently, a fire broke out in the hostel of Kholmsk. A child and a woman had to jump from the fourth floor to escape the … Read more

The general director of the burned-out hostel in Moscow refused to admit guilt

Eleonora Mironova, general director of a hostel in the south of Moscow where eight people died in a fire, refused to admit guilt and deleted all correspondence from her mobile phone before the search. This was announced by the investigator during a meeting in the Presnensky court of the capital on July 30. “Mironova actively … Read more

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Moscow listed security violations in a burned-out hostel

A fire alarm in a hostel that burned down in the south of Moscow was installed, but did not work, Andrey Rumyantsev, acting head of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry for the capital, said on Friday, July 29. “The Sagittarius-monitoring system was installed at this facility, it did not work,” TASS quoted … Read more

Footage of a burned-out fire station appeared in the media after the shelling of Donetsk by the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ukrainian Nazis shelled Donetsk with artillery. Several shells hit the building of the fire department, which led to a powerful fire and the collapse of the building. The consequences of the attack were shown by the Izvestia correspondent. Through the fault of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, not only the fire station itself was … Read more

Four people died in burned-out cars after an accident in the Belgorod region A serious accident with two cars that caught fire after the collision occurred on the Bypass highway in the village of Pyatnitsky. As a result of the incident, four people died, the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Belgorod Region reports. “Four people died … Read more

The head of Yalta told how to deal with a burned-out house in the city center

Head of Yalta Yanina Pavlenko spoke about the fate of a residential building that suffered on January 10 during a strong fire. She also dispelled all rumors that another high-rise building would allegedly appear on the site of the burned-out house, and that special arsons were taking place in the city in order to “make … Read more

The mutilated body of a man was found on the balcony of a burned-out apartment in Primorye

Big Stone, February 5th. The fire broke out in the apartment of one of the houses on Yuzhnaya Street in Bolshoy Kamen. After extinguishing the fire, rescuers found the body of a 46-year-old man on the balcony. The incident happened last Friday. Multiple stab injuries were found on the body of the deceased, which may … Read more