Putin will laugh when Europe takes on the financial burden of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s statements at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum were commented on by readers of the French newspaper Le Figaro. The French were especially offended by the words of the President of Russia that Moscow has nothing against Ukraine’s entry into the European Union. True, the head of the Russian state added, in the … Read more

“Anamnesis of the week”. Aid to Africa, Western weapons and the “migrant burden” on Europe

The president Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the head of the African Union and the leader of Senegal Maki Sallom announced a new stage in the development of Russian-African relations. According to him, trade between the countries of the continent and Russia is growing. In turn, Sall expressed great hope for cooperation and touched … Read more

State order without a guarantee // It is proposed to reduce the financial burden on contractors

Business Ombudsman Boris Titov, as part of his annual report to the President, prepared proposals to reduce the financial burden on contractors in the field of state construction orders. In particular, it is proposed to exempt from the need to provide bank guarantees companies that pay contributions to the funds of specialized self-regulatory organizations (SROs), … Read more

The debt burden of Russians by the beginning of 2022 rose to a historical maximum

By January 1 this year, the debt burden of Russian households was at a record level – 10.6%, follows from the Financial Stability Review of the Bank of Russia. In March, the situation changed, as the Russians began to increasingly postpone the decision to take out a loan. The debt burden of the population in … Read more

The Cabinet of Ministers will consider the possibility of reducing the burden on business on behalf of Putin

As a result of the meeting on measures of socio-economic support for the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, held on March 16, a list of measures was published, which includes this instruction. It will be executed by the heads of relevant departments.

“United Russia” proposed to save teachers from excessive bureaucratic burden

pixabay.com/PD The draft law on the removal of excessive bureaucratic burden from teachers was submitted to the State Duma for consideration. It was prepared by the deputies of United Russia. Thanks to this bill, schools will be able to switch to electronic document management, which will remove some of the paperwork from teachers. The United … Read more

They want to cancel the duty on harvesters // The Ministry of Agriculture sees the need to reduce the burden on farmers

The Ministry of Agriculture proposed to zero import duties on agricultural machinery to reduce the costs of farmers. Duties on such equipment are lower than in the automotive industry: 5–10% versus 15%. In addition, when importing, in addition to duties and VAT, a disposal fee is paid, which maintains a barrier to imports. However, analysts … Read more

Growing inflation in the UK has spurred the pace of debt burden of citizens

pexels.com/PD Inflation in the UK accelerated growth amid anti-Russian sanctions. The increase in its level has increased the debt load of the population, says The Guardian columnist Philip Inman. Citizen-owned credit card borrowing jumped from £1.5bn in February to a record £60bn, according to data from the Bank of England. The total amount of unsecured … Read more