The budget of the Russian Federation will receive more than 130 billion rubles from the “tax on the rich”

Russian Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Sazanov, during a speech at an international round table on tax policy, said that the Russian budget will receive about 130-133 billion rubles from the “tax on the rich” in 2022, Prime reports. .

Siluanov estimated at 1 trillion rubles the additional revenues of the Russian budget from the withdrawal of excess profits of companies

Moscow Agency | Andrey Nikerichev The Russian budget in 2023 will receive about 1 trillion rubles of additional income as part of the measures proposed by the Ministry of Finance to withdraw excess profits from companies, said the head of the department, Anton Siluanov. During the presentation of the bill on the budget for 2023-2025 … Read more

Ukraine’s debts to creditors approximately doubled the state budget

Federal News Agency Kyiv looks like an inveterate “credit addict” when it collects loans without intending to repay them, Moskovsky Komsomolets states. The US authorities recently promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky another $12 billion in financial assistance. At the moment, this country is considered one of the most indebted in the world. Only through the … Read more

The accountant of the film and leisure center in Temryuk was convicted of fraud with budget funds The Temryuk District Court considered a criminal case against Oksana Fofanova, chief accountant of the Taman film and leisure center, who was accused of fraud with budget funds. The woman was found guilty under part 4 of article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Assignment or embezzlement committed on an especially … Read more

The surplus of the republican budget was indicated in the Ministry of Finance of Adygea

According to the news agency “Adygea Today”, revenues to the budget of Adygea amounted to 16.9 billion rubles – this is 54.2% of the revised plan, expenditures amounted to 16.2 billion rubles, which is 43.9% of the adjusted program. According to the minister, most of the filling of the republican budget was due to the … Read more

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation did not include tourist cashback in the draft budget for 2023-2025

The Ministry of Finance of Russia did not include in the draft budget for 2023-2025, submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers to the State Duma, annual expenses for tourist cashback in the amount of 5 billion rubles. .

Finance Minister Siluanov clarified the details of Russia’s state budget for the next three years

A member of the Security Council drew attention to the fact that the costs for the next three years in the amount of 29 trillion rubles are calculated according to the new budget rule. At the end of this year, strict spending control will also be introduced, which is why about 0.5 trillion rubles of … Read more

Mishustin approved the submission to the State Duma of the draft state budget for 2023-2025

According to the draft document for 2023 and the planning period until 2025, the government expects the country’s economy to move to strong growth above 2% in 2024. The presented budget includes measures of targeted support for families with children, the payment of benefits to pregnant women experiencing financial difficulties. .